Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 7, 1976 The Master of Ceremonies, The Geritol, The Insurance Man, The Cross Stitch Quilt and The Wonderful Mother's Day

Dear Mother,

"We can't seem to have two nice days in a row. It is still too chilly to put tomato plants out but today has been bright and pretty.

It rained all day yesterday and I had to be on the go all day. I had a meeting in the morning, a luncheon and meeting in the afternoon and both of us went to one of the dorms for a dinner honoring 2 students who had won awards. B had to make a little talk and it was all very nice but I was sure tired. All week has been busy. The dinner for retiring people was Wednesday night and B was Master of Ceremonies for that so he worked hard. He had been working on it for a long time so it went real well. Everyone had a good time.

I finished Bobby's quilt early this morning before I even made the bed. I was determined to get that done. I don't think I'll send it very soon because he doesn't really need it so maybe I'll bring it with me the next time we come to Richland. It isn't perfect but it is pretty & he'll like it.

Bob called today. They are just fine and he says Bobby is growing so fast and really loves the hugging & kissing. He loves to dawdle while Pat is feeding him just so she'll hold him longer.

Bob says the Geritol is very good for you but take it right after meals and it will work the best. He also said you could take 8 or 10 Datril every day. Take them about at meal time too and then 2 at bedtime. If the 8 are not enough to kill the arthritis pain take 3 in the morning, 2 at noon, 2 at supper and 3 at bedtime. He also said for you to eat green vegetables for the vitamins in them help anemia.

The insurance man came and looked at the car last Monday and said they would fix it but he hasn't sent us the papers we need before we take it to the body shop to be fixed. We want their promises in writing and if we don't get the letter by Monday we'll call him again. They don't seem to be in any hurry but I want it fixed as soon as possible. I just don't like to drive the big car around town.

You have done real well on the cross stitch quilt. I finally put mine away after doing 2 or 3. One of these days I can go back to it.

I don't think we had any water leak into the basement yesterday after all the rain. B didn't find any when he looked.

I hope your package has come by now. Mary Lyn is to be married tonight and we didn't get a gift mailed to her until today. I was sorry but simply couldn't find any time to do it. I've finished my deaconess work until late summer but B has to be Elder on Sunday. I hope Sunday is a pretty day and you feel good and have a wonderful Mother's Day."

                          Much love,


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