Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May 15, 1976 The Extra Cars, The Good Time, The Stitchery Guild, The New T.V. and A Little Work

Dear Mother,

"It is a dark rainy day and graduation day. Rain always makes for problems on graduation because there are so many extra cars and people in town. Traffic creeps and of course it is bad when students are trying to load their clothes in cars to go home.

Yesterday was foggy & dreary but it didn't rain till night. I went to school at 10:30 and didn't get home till 3:00. Then we went to a reception for some people getting honorary degrees today. The other affair was a reunion of the class that graduated 50 years ago. There were lots of them and they didn't look that old. There were two who graduated in 1910. They had a movie about the university, some talks, lunch, music & then some talk. I finally left but it was interesting and they were sure having a good time.

I've been so busy with other things this week my house hasn't had anything done to it and it may have to stay this way a few days.

Thursday I went to a Stitchery Guild meeting and talked on quilts. I've never been to this before and don't know much about it but they all do needlework and I think it is a national organization. Lots of the women were from Champaign. It was an interesting group and they were a good audience--there were 50 - 75 of them.

I'm still making quilt blocks but am about finished with them unless I run across one that is especially pretty and then I'll make it.

A friend and I are going to an auction this morning. There were quilt frames on the list so I want to see what they are.

Isn't it about time you began to think of a new T.V.? Yours has been a good one & lasted far longer than we ever expected but don't spend any money on it. It would probably cost more to fix than it is worth even if it could be and I doubt if it could. Then you'd have the service charge to pay & nothing for it. We can look for one the next time we come home if you want to. You can certainly afford one and you ought to have it.

We took the car to the body shop Tuesday morning but it probably will be a long time before it is fixed. There is an awful lot to be done on it. I felt sick every time I looked at it and will sure be glad to have it back home.

Did I tell you Ann & Bob have a chance at a job in Pennsylvania? They are real excited about this one and cancelled their appointment in Superior, Wisconsin. They will go to Pa. the 20th of this month for an interview. I know they will be glad when the job business if all settled.

I haven't talked to Bob this week but I was gone so much he probably couldn't catch me at home.

I had a graduation announcement from Patty Taylor. Those kids have grown up so fast.

I must get a little work done if I can, so hope you keep feeling better."



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