Monday, May 30, 2016

May 1, 1976 The Lovely Day, The Long Conversation, The Wonderful Way, The Silly Accident and The Job Possibilities

Dear Mother,

"It's a lovely, warm day so I put my plants out on the porch again after having them in the kitchen all week. When it started snowing last Sunday I decided it was time to move them in. Lots of people have lost their gardens for we had several freezing nights. I'll have to bring them in again tonight because it will get cold again in the night.

I'm glad you are feeling somewhat better. I can usually tell how you feel by your letters. Bob and I had a long conversation this week about how you've been feeling and he said for you to stop the aspirin immediately & never take another one in your life. He said Tylenol or Datril work the same as aspirin and will not damage your blood. Take what it says on the bottle and it will work just as well as aspirin. I think you'd better listen to Bob's advice this time whether you want to or not. Bufferin will not do. It is only aspirin with some other stuff added. I told Beulah all Bob said so she has probably already told you & I won't go into details.

I'm sorry about Mr. Tinsley but isn't that a wonderful way to die? If I could have a choice that's the way I'd like to do it.

Next Sunday is Mother's Day and I wish we could spend it with you but I don't see any way. Your package will be mailed Monday so it should get there before Mother's Day.

This week has been so busy & frustrating. A woman hit our Mustang last Sunday afternoon while it was parked in front of our house. She wasn't hurt but she sure hurt our little car. We've been all week trying to get the insurance details worked out and still don't know what her insurance company will do. The estimates to fix it are over $1000. and they should pay it all, of course, but we haven't had any agreement on it yet. Anyway, we'll be without our little car for a long time before we can use it again. We were sick about it and so was she but it was just a silly accident.

Ann & Bob both called this week and everyone is fine. Bob K. has had two more job possibilities--Syracuse, N.Y. & Coatesville, PA which is near Philadelphia. These are Veterans' Hospitals. Ann was excited about both places. She has one more week of teaching and classes & that ends the school year for her.

I have the quilting all done on Bobby's quilt and it shouldn't take too long to bind. I've made a few more display quilt blocks and the top that our ISU quilters made for the show is all ready for quilting. It took me two days to set it together. I want to take some slides of the quilt show so maybe you can see them sometime later when we come home in the fall.

It's 11:00 and I still have my nightgown on. I'd better get dressed & clean up the house a bit. Hope you are better."



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