Monday, February 15, 2016

April 2, 1974 The Crazy Bug, The Blue Whipped Cream, The Cheap Vogue Patterns, The Beautiful Day and The Impossible Task

Dear Mother,

"Hope this and your package will get there before your birthday and that your day will be a real happy one. I'm sorry the dress isn't ready to wear. I did plan to make it like the pattern but that crazy bug I caught didn't let me do anything last week.

The pattern is the one I used for that blue whipped cream. As you will see, I sewed up the back seam, put the long zipper in the center front seam and simply added the neck bow to open in front. The notes on the pattern show that I cut the pattern six inches longer so there was a 3" hem and then those seams at the shoulders have to be made bigger. The material is folded right side in so you'll have to watch when you cut it. It is all polyester & washable but you needn't wash it before you make it.

My last jewelry class was last night so my work isn't finished. It would have been done if I hadn't gotten sick but I can finish things by myself.

I'm in the mood to sew and bought some new patterns yesterday. One of the stores is closing out its pattern dept. so all of their Vogue patterns were on sale cheap.

It's a beautiful day today and yesterday was nice although there were cold weather predictions. Sunday was nice but chilly. I still didn't feel well so we didn't go to church but went for a short ride just to get out a bit.

The grass seems to grow in spite of the cold and B is going to have to start mowing before too long. We'd like to get something done in the basement to keep the water out but that seems an impossible task. A man promised to come & look at it but we haven't seen him.

We hope you have a lovely day and that it will soon be warm enough to open up the doors and let the sunshine in."



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