Monday, June 30, 2014

April 27, 1963 The Canoe Trip, The Birthday Package, The Tornadoes and The Cheap, Broken Couch

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I haven't been up this early in a long time.  Bob is going on a canoe trip with the Scouts & had to leave at 5:45.  They drive a long way to an old canal & then go on it.  The younger scouts are hiking along the canal trail & will get a badge for it.  This is a regular scout trail & the boys always meet other troupes there.  Bob has made the hike before.  Some time ago he got his 100 mile badge so I guess he's keeping up with the fashion.

Polly stayed here last night & the girls are still asleep.  B took Bob to school & hasn't come back so some of the kids must have been late.  There are always some stragglers.

B was very pleased with the birthday package.  It is a beautiful tie & he has been wanting some light ties.  All of the things were real nice & he can use them all.  The children & I got him a record, some pajamas & a pair of washable summer shoes.  Larsens took us out to dinner & we went back to their house for dessert.  A lot of other people were there when we got there & Faith had made two big cakes. We had cake & ice cream & then just visited.  It was a real nice evening.

Everything is beautiful now.  The lilacs are out & tulips & I have one iris about open.  We had a frost one night & I thought things were ruined but they straightened up & I guess it didn't damage much.

The tornados have skipped all around us & we have had some wind but nothing to be frightened about. The school always gets a warning about tornados so there was one this week.  I was going downtown but B called me to wait for the all clear & I spent the afternoon knitting.  The storm went around us & I never did get to town but I did get one of Ann's sweater sleeves about done.  That just leaves the other sleeve.   It is going to be beautiful.

I haven't been in the mood or had the time to sew so haven't even started my formal.  I pressed an old one & will wear it tonight.  It is hard to get in the mood to sew when there is hardly time to get the ironing done.

B has a meeting with deans from the other Illinois colleges at Starved Rock tomorrow & Monday & I'm going with him.  Ann will stay with Polly & Bob is going out to Bruce's.

The man who has been acting graduate dean since Woody left got the job but Jim wrote & asked that he not be considered.  He said for personal reasons.  In a note to B he said it had to do with his health & he'd tell him about it this summer.  It worries us but we know he has terrible allergies.  He can't eat chicken of all things.  He passes out if he does.  It simply poisons him.  He is teaching in Bloomington, Indiana this summer so we are going to see them then.  The whole family will be there.

Bob hasn't been on any bird watching trips but it is amazing how many we have in our neighborhood when you really look for them.

I think that must have been a gay party to break up a couch--even a cheap on, don't you?

Hope you both are fine."

                         Lots of love,


NOTE:  Happy Birthday, Dad!  Enjoy your record!

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