Sunday, June 29, 2014

April 21, 1963 The Dandelions, The Housecleaning, The Beach and The Birds

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I don't know where this day has gone but I feel like it is bedtime.  We worked in the yard most of the day & I'm good & stiff now.  Everything looks so pretty. Violets are everywhere, the tulips are blooming & the iris are budded.  The dandelions are doing fine too.  I dug all I could find yesterday & the yard was sprinkled with them again this morning.

I've hardly thought of housecleaning yet.  I'll probably start by taking off paper in the dining room but may have to wait till school is out.  The invitations for spring things have started coming.  I'd like to make a new formal & got a beautiful piece of lace for 49¢ a yard.  The store is remodeling & just wanted to get rid of it.

We had a wonderful trip last Saturday.  The day was sunny & not too cold.  We went to Indiana Dunes State Park & back to Chicago for a little shopping at a book store & then had supper there.  We all had such a good time & would like to go back to the park some week-end & camp.  It isn't far from Chicago & has a wonderful beach along Lake Michigan.

I found a yellow printed blouse with the right kind of collar to wear with my suit & hope to wear it tomorrow.

I'm planning to go to Pen Women in Eureka, Illinois.  It is a noon meeting & then we have our potluck group tomorrow night.  I have to take a salad & am making that now.

We hadn't seen the stamp but it must be new for we've had some letters with the same stamp since you sent it.

Ann goes to camp on June 10 & I still don't have her dresses all made.  I spent one day this week hemming last year's clothes and fixing some of last year's clothes.  I actually did all my ironing too.

Bob is still watching birds & has seen some pretty ones.  I went with him one day to see cedar waxwings.  There were 11 in one tree & I had never seen them before.

Ann is working on recital music & had her organ lesson today on a big organ in the Methodist church. She did real well & it sounded so pretty on the big organ. I'm anxious for our church to be finished so she can practice on our new organ. They might not want her too but I'll raise cain if they object.  The church is coming along.  They are putting up the steel framework for the new part.

I'll have to stop & get my Sunday School lesson.  We had a gang of little guys last week but may not have so many tomorrow."

                     Lots of love,


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