Tuesday, July 1, 2014

May 5, 1963 On the Go, Real Interested, Down the Front and In the Canal

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We have been on the go all day so I'm late again.  Ann had a piano workshop this morning and then we went to school to a program this afternoon.  In the meantime the kids decided they would trade rooms & that was a real mess. They did get rid of a lot of junk but still have a lot, too.  Anyway, it is all in place again or I hope it is.  I didn't look in the drawers.

We went to a dinner last night & one Wednesday night.  Last night we just went to some friends' house for a small dinner party & it was real nice.  The other dinner was for library people at school & they had a speaker from Chicago.  He writes books about the west & talked on researching for book material.  I was real interested & in fact, I think everyone enjoyed him.

B is leaving early in the morning for a meeting in San Jose, California.  The school uses a lot of IBM machines & this is a meeting for school people so they can learn more about the machines.  B will fly & be home about midnight Friday.  It will be a long week for us but he should learn a lot.

I have a dress about done for Ann--except for the buttonholes.  They are all down the front so it will take a while to make them.

Our weather has been so funny.  It is cold & then hot.  Today has been wonderful & last Sat. was nice. I planted a clematis last Sat. but I think the frost nipped it a bit.  It is growing so I guess it wasn't hurt. Some of the iris were bitten but they have started to bloom.

When does Charlotte's job begin & what kind of car did she get?  You never did say.

Yes, we get the Mirror and I had read Ida's letter.  She will have a hard time selling her book if it isn't better than that.  Part of it was good but there was too much extra stuff in it.

Everyone says the Blue Nile is very good but I haven't read it yet.  I think someone put it in our book club but it won't get to me for a long time.

The freezer came Wed. but we don't have much in it yet.  I did buy extra bread & frozen vegetables today so maybe I won't have to run to the store quite so often.

Bob's canoe trip was just great but he fell in the canal.  He wasn't the only one though, & it was a nice day so it didn't hurt them.  One of the men was in one boat that tipped over so he was dunked, too. They all came home laughing.  Five carloads of men & boys went on the trip.

Bob's biology class took a trip to a Chicago museum one day, too & had a nice trip.

None of us are used to the time change yet & get up so sleepy every morning. We'll have to be up early tomorrow so I'd better say good night."

                            Lots of love,


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