Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 12 - 15, 1954 96 Little Sandwiches, A Batch of Doughnuts, Cookies and The Obi

Diary Entry:  Jan. 12, 1954

"Hostess for Women's club.  Spent morning making 96 little sandwiches."

Diary Entry:  Jan. 13, 1954

"ESS supposed to resume meetings today.  Made a batch of doughnuts for them.  Rained all day.  Only 4 boys came."

Diary Entry:  Jan. 14, 1954

"Made cookies for ESS boys.  Only 2 could come so they didn't stay.  Family enjoyed cookies.  Cut lining for silk tweed.  Ann actually had the courage to go home with Francis Bray to play with Margaret." 

Diary Entry:  Jan. 15, 1954

How the obi should look from behind
"National holiday.  No school.  Is adults day--the day when girls wear obi instead of soft sashes."

NOTES: The day for adults, Seijin no Hi, or coming of age is the time when 20 year olds are recognized as adults.

The images of Bonnie's obi and sash do not do justice to the amazing embroidery.  We will learn more later about the kimono.

For a variety of tea sandwich recipes in letters from the 1940s, use the links:

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