Monday, July 11, 2016

November 13, 1979 The Quick and Sad Note

Dear Ann & Bob,

"Just a quick note to tell you Grandmother Taylor died this morning very early in the Lebanon Hospital. She was sick when we got to Richland Saturday & the nursing home called early Sunday morning & sent her to Lebanon in the ambulance. We came home late Sunday night after seeing the doctor. He couldn't find anything wrong but did a lot of tests. Then her lung filled last night and they couldn't stop it. The lung cancer had not grown, so her heart probably couldn't work hard enough.

Grand. Belshe is in Wallace Memorial Hospital, Rm. 135, Lebanon, Mo. 65536. Write her a note. She is very miserable & was really sick last weekend. G. Taylor's death is going to disturb her. She's still sharp & can still laugh though.

Dad has gone to the office & then we'll start to Missouri. I still have things to do so bye for now."



November 18, 1979

Dear Mom and Dad,

"Thanks for writing to us about Grandmother. I'm glad that you had called to let us know that she wasn't doing too well but that doesn't make it any less sad. Did I tell you that when we visited her in the nursing home she thought I was you, Mom. She asked about the trip from Connecticut and at first I thought she just meant to say Pennsylvania. Then she called me Bonnie. We had a good visit, she seemed content. It never occurred to me that it would be the last time we would see her, but I think Bob knew it.

We're both fine and busy as usual. The house is still pretty torn up but we've been stripping woodwork and getting a lot done. I know you've got an awful lot of stuff to do now and I wish we could be there to help. I hope Grandmother Belshe is getting better. I'll write to her today and I'll call soon. 


Ann & Bob

NOTE: Above, a lovely piece written by a family friend, December, 1979. Below, a letter to Grandmother as young Lizzie Jones, 1905. She took this advice seriously and spent a lifetime bringing "sunshine and flowers" to everyone who knew and loved her. I hope you'll return tomorrow as I begin the conclusion to the blog.



  1. What a painful time for your whole family but especially so for your mom. The sadness still comes through 37 years later.

  2. Yes, and we can all relate to how Mom felt at the loss of her mother. Equally so for us at the loss of a grandparent!

  3. Dear Ann,

    I understand very well how painful it is to say goodbye to your garndmother (and later to your parents) a second time. Closing your blog certainly brings back the same sad feelings as you went through a long time ago. And besides, you shall certainly face a vacuum after such a demanding work has kept you busy for such a long time.

    Bittersweet also applies to us, the readers, now that we realize that your blog will soon come to an end. I may say that my everyday reading of your daily pages late at night (due to time lag) has become part of my life. I shall miss those “daily news” of a friendly family which has always shown a deep sense of goodness and positive values.

    And bittersweet again when I think that you may disappear from my screen after you have put your pen down. I hope that we shall always have in store lots of interesting stories that we can share.


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