Tuesday, June 14, 2016

September 24, 1976 The Opening Luncheon, The Sick Lecturer, The Chicago Symphony, The Frost Warnings and The Concrete Work

Dear Mother,

"This is a day early to write but I'm expecting Mildred & Van any time and thought it might be hard to find a chance to write. B is in Springfield today and I don't have any idea when he'll be home. The As You Like It Club had its opening luncheon today but I couldn't go. I've spent the last three days in the Gallery working on the quilt. You can't get much done at a time because everyone that comes in wants to talk. The quilt is over half done and I'm going to spend a lot of time on it next week. Several other girls are coming too in hopes we can finish it before long. I went to a luncheon in the Gallery Monday. A group came from the Chicago area to see the quilts. There were 94 at lunch. Lots of them were old and they all seemed to have a good time.

Our lecturer for Tuesday night got sick so we didn't have any. We have a program Sunday afternoon and then one more talk.

We are both tired. It seems as if we meet one another on the way to meetings. B left a meeting early last night and we went to hear the Chicago Symphony Orchestra play in our auditorium. They come every fall and the place is always packed.

We have frost warnings tonight--the second time. Nothing was hurt the first time but I picked all the tomatoes that are even a bit pink today because it is cooler today and they may get ruined tonight. If I had some time I'd make some relish with the green ones but I just don't have time.

Bob called yesterday and they are fine. They had fun at Cape Hatteras & Bobby loved the beach. Bob said he ate the sand if they didn't watch him. He was afraid of the waves but would crawl right at them. He pulls up now to everything and just has to touch something for balance. He'll walk one of these days.

We also had a letter from Bob K. and they are getting their apartment fixed up before he has to go to work on Oct. 1. He had been out to the hospital and got some details worked out--his physical exam and things like that.

B just called to say he's back in the office so will be home soon.

I'm glad you're getting the porch fixed. The concrete work didn't cost too much and I'll be glad when it is all done.
We haven't had time to even think about our basement.

Hope you are fine."



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