Monday, June 13, 2016

September 18, 1976 The Wonderful Weather, The Spotted Dishes, The Silly Thing, The Quilt Blocks and The New Address

Dear Mother,

"I didn't get this written yesterday but maybe B can mail it on his way to school. He has to welcome some group that is meeting on campus.

We have had wonderful weather all week but it is terribly dry. We planted some new grass seed and now that it is sprouted we have to keep watering it. The town finally got the water softener repaired & the water is beginning to clear up. The white things I washed this week came out so yellow. They looked terrible. I guess we don't appreciate things until they are gone.

The dishwasher even leaves the dishes spotted terribly with the hard water.

B went to the Board of Regents meeting on Thursday and was gone all day so I spent most of the day at the Quilt Show. I tried quilting but never get much done because so many people come in and want to talk. Our speaker for next week is sick so she has cancelled that talk. It was too late to get a replacement.

Yesterday I sewed and ironed and did a lot of things around the house.

Bob K. called Thursday morning & he was back in Philadelphia and all finished at M.U. It was a hard trip because he had to change planes and got back to Pennsylvania about midnight. He was glad it was all over and said the committee in Columbia was real nice to him. The professor who caused all the trouble didn't have much to say. Bob said the others glared at the man when he came in late so he guessed the man was afraid to cause any trouble. It was such a silly thing.

I suppose you got my letter about the certificate. I also wrote to Beulah and to Buddy so they both know about it. I have always written to both of them every time we have done anything with the certificates.

Don't hurry thru those quilt blocks. I have so many unfinished tops now it is going to take a long time to finish them up. One woman at the show told me she got $50. for quilting a quilt. Maybe I should get started on that.

I must get busy. My hair has to be washed & I need to clean up the house. I have to spend tomorrow afternoon at the Quilt Show and there again Monday. We expect Mildred & Van on Thursday. She still hasn't said how long they'll be here so it is hard to plan.

Hope you are fine.

Ann's address is Suite 105, King & Sugartown Rds., Malvern, Pa. 19355."



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