Tuesday, June 28, 2016

November 19, 1976 The Stuffed Toys, The Hawaiian Quilt, The Indian Summer, The Wonderful Job and The Long Letter

Dear Mother,

"It is almost noon and it seems that I haven't got anything done this morning. The time goes so fast and there are so many things I'd like to do. I have several things cut out and ready to sew but haven't got to it yet. I'd like to make Bobby some stuffed toys before Xmas but probably won't get at it.

When I have time to do any handwork I've been basting on my Hawaiian quilt that I started during the quilt show. The design is pinned on and I have to baste before I start the applique. Besides that, I need the pins for other sewing. My fall clothes are pretty limited for I haven't made a thing. Your suit sounds nice but that's a big job and takes a long time.

I went to two club meetings this week for the first time this fall.

Yesterday was a wonderful day--almost like Indian Summer but it won't last. We are going to Chicago tomorrow to see if we can do a bit of Xmas shopping so I wish it would be nice.

Both Ann & Bob B. called this week. Bob calls almost every week but Ann doesn't call very often. She was afraid we hadn't had her letter because the mail has been so slow. She loves her job and says it is a wonderful job and such fun. She has 9 children--all extra bright but all with problems of some kind--can't read or can't sit still to listen and such. She also helps other teachers when they need advice about a child and how to handle it. I don't know her salary but she had said earlier that it was one of the highest paying districts so that is nice too.

Bob & his family are fine. They are going to Ann's for Thanksgiving weekend so they'll all have fun.

If things go as we plan we will be coming to Richland on Friday after Thanksgiving. B doesn't have to work Thanksgiving, of course, but we need to do so many things around here that we're going to work that day if we can. We'll come back on Sunday, as usual. It will probably be mid-afternoon Friday when we get there since we can start earlier than we usually do. We'll be staying with B's mom this time.

Don't hurry with my quilt blocks. I'll probably need to buy you more thread and maybe we can do that while I'm there. I have more projects started now than I can finish in 5 or 10 years. I told you I ordered some quilting frames and they haven't come yet. That's the slowest company I ever saw. I guess it doesn't matter since I couldn't start using them very soon.

I had a long letter from Mildred today telling me about their trip. She had written once after they were here but forgot, I guess.

I will stop so B can mail this when he comes for lunch."



NOTE: I love the notations Grandmother wrote on the back of the envelopes. This one is a recipe for Peanut Butter Cornflake cookies.


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