Sunday, May 1, 2016

October 4, 1975 The Beautiful Morning, The Good Frost, The Finished Dresses, The Art Gallery and The Growing Balloon

Dear Mother,

"It is such a beautiful morning. We just finished breakfast and plan to work in the yard today. There are iris and ferns I want to move away from the foundation before the men start working on the waterproofing. He said they'd come in a week or so and we want to be ready. There are two big evergreens they will lift out and set back for us. I don't know whether they will survive or not but the man said they'd do this for us.

We have had a good frost this week and the leaves are beautiful. I'd like to take a ride around the lake before they are all fallen. I couldn't stand to see my white geranium freeze so I dug it up and potted it. It is so big it wilted right away but looks now as if it will live. My flower pots look pretty bad but I may take the paint brush to them like you always did. I used a wire brush on them but it didn't help.

I finally finished my dresses this week except for getting a belt buckle for one.

I had my hair cut Wednesday then spent all morning yesterday giving myself a permanent. I'm terribly slow about it and the woman had cut the bottom row so short I had a time rolling that up. It looks fine, though, and is certainly as good as I can get at the beauty shop.

The director of the art gallery at the university called me this week and we're going to start planning the quilt show next Tuesday. I haven't any idea how we'll go about it.

Bob called one evening this week. He was at the lab--said he'd been to a class and stopped to check on something before he went home. The doctors (older) there have classes on different topics which others want to learn about. Bob is taking two but I don't even know what they are about. I wouldn't understand anyway. I don't even understand his research even if he tells me but it does concern viruses. He said Patty was fine and growing like a "balloon". That was the way he said it.

We haven't heard from Ann but I know she is swamped with work. She said it is not hard and real interesting but lots of it.

I wish we could bring your little radio but I haven't any idea when we can come again. B says it costs practically nothing to run that little radio so you aren't saving anything by not having it.

Why don't you take apples off the tree if you can reach them? They would be better than the ones that fall and you aren't going to use all of them anyway. There is no use in picking up off the ground if you don't have to.

Our new minister is here but I haven't seen him. He'll preach his first sermon tomorrow. He wants to meet with the deacons at 9:00 so B will have to go to church early and then there is to be a coffee after church. I hate those coffees right at dinner time but lots of people like them. I don't know whether we'll go or not.

Next week is so full I dread it but I guess it will be o.k. I give a book review and a program. I'm trying to get my program out of the way early so I'll have time for the quilt project.

Hope you are fine and that you are enjoying beautiful weather."



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