Monday, May 2, 2016

October 12, 1975 The Hectic Week, The Trips & Gardens, The Flag Program, The Good Gingerbread and The Baby Quilt

Dear Mother,

"This will be late probably, for it didn't get written yesterday as I've been trying to do. This week has been hectic. There has been so much going on. Our book club met Monday morning and I gave the review. Then I went to the opening luncheon of Travel Club. I'm program chairman for that group but we didn't have a planned program for this first meeting.

The women told what they had done this summer and most of them had taken trips but some talked about their gardens.

On Tuesday I went over to the University Art Gallery to talk with the director about the quilt show. That is going to be a lot of work but it should be very nice. I've been on the phone every free minute since the meeting asking women to help with it. Only one said she wasn't interested but offered to make phone calls for me.

On Thursday I gave my program on the flag for As You Like It. Everyone enjoyed it. The hostess served gingerbread and it tasted so good. I don't know when I made gingerbread last.

Today is homecoming and we went to see the parade early this morning. That was real nice. We've been running errands the rest of the day and are going to a potluck supper in a few minutes. I'm taking rolls & relishes but I bought the rolls. I am taking a loaf of homemade brown bread, though.

Bob & Pat are in Williamsburg this weekend. It is homecoming at Wm & Mary and this is the first time they have been back since graduation. Pat's mother has been visiting them so she was going, too.

Pat is taking sewing lessons but doesn't like it. Bob said she's making a maternity outfit and he just hoped she got it done in time to wear it.

I worked a little more on the baby quilt this week. It is going to be pretty big but will be useful longer than a little one, I guess. I'm piecing the border now. It is a vine and I have to look at the design constantly or it doesn't come out right.

The weather is simple wonderful. I don't remember the trees being more beautiful and all changed color at one time. Our yard is full of leaves and I think they'll all be off the trees soon.

Our minister seems all right. He's very different from the last one and I guess it will take us a while to get used to him. We had a church board meeting Wednesday and he gave us a typed sheet of things he'd done his first week. It was pretty full.

I don't see any time when we can come this fall. There aren't any long weekends coming up. Ann & Bob are wishing they could come home but they don't have any time either. She has another piano student--a blind girl from Woodhaven. The girl's parents sent her a piano for her room so she could take lessons. Ann says she does pretty well.

It is almost time to go to supper so I must stop. Hope you are fine."




  1. That was my baby quilt. :)

    Bob's was yellow.

  2. Yes, that's the "Bluebirds" pattern:-) You'll see Bob's in the next post!


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