Thursday, May 5, 2016

October 31, 1975 The Earned Freedom, The Basement Work, The Baby's Room, The Evening Get-Together and The Committees

Dear Mother,

"I just finished a letter to Cliffie. I had wondered all week about Uncle Francis and every time the phone rang I thought it might be someone calling me. I thought Buddy might call. Did you send family flowers? What do I owe you? You didn't mention it. I hope Cliffie can do just as she pleases now. She has certainly earned some freedom.

I haven't heard from Beulah in quite a while but I owe her a letter. I'm so sorry about her back for she'll have to be so very careful from now on. So many people have that sort of trouble.

I'm glad to know about Aunt Nora's eyes and I'm sure she feels better about it after talking with the doctor.

The basement work is finished except for the dirt and that probably won't be touched till spring. There is one tiny spot of dampness in the furnace room but the man says the water had collected in the foundation blocks and that has to seep out. It does seem to get less wet all the time and we didn't have any water the last time it poured rain. We may paint the walls sometime this winter but won't do anything to the floor until next spring or summer. The tiles are broken and a real mess so it will be a job taking them up so they can be replaced. We can't match them so it will be a whole new job when it is done.

The children are fine. Bob says Pat weighs 147 but doesn't look that big. They have started to fix up the baby's room. I'm still working on the little quilts every chance I get and am getting a little better at the quilting.

I feel like I've been on the run all week and am going to a luncheon and then an evening get together tomorrow. Some friends are visiting here from out of town so Larsens are having a party.

We had a quilt show meeting at school Monday. I have 25 women on the committee so we had a lot of planning to do. I have put a lot of time on this but hope when things get started it won't take too much.

B is helping plan the ceremony for our new minister so that is taking extra time, too. Sometimes we get bogged down with committees.

Hope you are fine."



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