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October 25, 1975 The Early Letter, The Gorgeous Weather, The Terribly Busy Week, The Travel Club and The Pot of Chili

Dear Mother,

"I guess you got my letter early because I got it in the mail early. You can never tell how long it is going to take.

We are still enjoying the gorgeous weather. The backyard looks pretty good now except for the big mound of dirt over the dry well but that will all settle down in time. There isn't any way to hurry it along. The dirt was spread out and packed down over half the back yard. Every bit had to be spaded loose and raked off the grass. Some of it was thin but lots of places were 6" deep & that took a lot of work. We haven't had time to do anything north of the house but can't do that until we get a cultivator of some kind to break up the dirt. It is hard as a rock and deep. When we can get it broken up we'll rake it to the right drainage.

How old is Junie Murphy? She must be almost 100. I've been wondering about Aunt Nora's eyes. You said she went to Springfield but didn't they operate on the cataract?

My drapes are fine and look nice. They are not lined so they don't keep out much light. The old ones were so heavy they didn't let in any light when they were closed.

Bob called one afternoon and they are fine. He had been fishing with some of the lab people and of course had enjoyed that.

You must like that quilt pattern you made for the kids. I like it too but haven't even opened mine yet. I haven't had time to do anything extra. This was a terribly busy week.

Our Travel Club went to an old museum at Fisher, Illinois on Monday. That was fun and we got home pretty early but that night I had to go to the Faculty Women's dinner. They had a nice dinner and a style show. We had taken the Mustang to Peoria to have it painted so we went after that late Tuesday afternoon and then I went to a Quilt Club. It is part of Faculty Women's club and a small group of young women. I didn't know any of them but it was fun. Wednesday morning I had a meeting at the art gallery to do more planning for our quilt show.

I stopped to get lunch when B came home and then ironed so now it is almost time for him to come for supper. We are going to have chili. I made a big pot of it this morning and will put some of it in the freezer.

B was supposed to have meetings all day tomorrow but they have been cancelled. It is probably too wet to work in the yard because it has been raining this afternoon. There are always so many things to do around here and on the cars that he is happy to have meetings cancelled. The Mustang looks real pretty--same color as it was and the rust spots have all been taken off. There were two big places which they cut out and welded in new metal. You can't tell it was done. Standing in all sorts of weather isn't good for it but we can't do anything about that.

I meant to cut a dress today but haven't touched it. I have a new shirtwaist pattern and I've had the material a long time.

I hope your weather is still nice and you are fine."



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