Sunday, May 22, 2016

March 6, 1976 The Book Club, The Travel Club, The Quilt Club, The As You Like It Club and The Water in the Basement

Dear Mother,

"This has been a terribly busy week. B was an elder at church and had an early meeting at the church last Sunday so that started it off. I had Book Club here Monday morning, Travel Club in the afternoon and Quilt Club that night. I would have stayed home that night but we were planning the lay out of the quilt we're making for the show and I had to be there.

The phone had rung at 7:00 Monday morning and another friend's husband (one of our English professors) had had a heart attack the night before. We thought he was going to be all right but he died Monday evening so I went to see her Tuesday morning. They had no children so she is alone and about my age. B & I went to the funeral home Wednesday night and then I went to the funeral Thursday morning. They are Catholic so it was a long mass but a lovely service.

Tuesday I went to a brunch which was for me and another girl who celebrate our birthdays on the same day. It was nice and fairly short since all of us were real busy.

Thursday we had As You Like It Club and that was smaller since so many are sick or retired and go away for the winter.

The rest of the week I have worked on the quilt block I'm making for our University quilt. It is the University seal and is very close work but looks pretty nice. It is over half done but I'll be happy when it is all done. We hope to have everything ready to set the top all together in about three weeks.

I also had a notice to appear for jury duty on March 22 for three weeks. There are a lot of things I'd like to finish up before then--sewing and such--but I'll go when the day comes.

In spite of the hectic days I did have a nice birthday and appreciate the check. B's mom sent me one too and I think I'll spend them for a purse I've seen if it isn't gone when I get back to the store. I had lots of cards and some with letters in them. B & I really celebrated my birthday on Sunday by just staying at home and relaxing. We were sort of tired from being in Chicago and were ready to stay home. Bob called and they held the baby to the phone so I could hear him cooing. That was a treat.

I hope your roof is o.k. We had some water in the basement after a second downpour so the man was here last night to see about it. They will keep at it until it is stopped. We won't even attempt to do any redecorating down there until we're sure.

Our short spring is over and it is cold again. There was a bit of snow yesterday. The cold can't last long though and I can hardly wait to open the house up.

Hope you're fine."



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