Wednesday, May 25, 2016

March 26, 1976 The Meeting, The Small Town, The Jury, The Dentist and The Apricot Tree

Dear Mother,
"While I have some time I'll start my letter because I want to mail it tomorrow morning. We are going to a meeting near Chicago tomorrow afternoon and will be there until Sunday afternoon. We'll be at the Marriot Hotel on Higgins Road, Chicago, in case you need us. The hotel switchboard operator would page B.

B is going to give a talk tonight to parents in a small town close to Chicago but other people from the University are going too so he won't have to drive. They expect a huge crowd.

I felt lucky about not having to serve on the jury this week and really made use of my time. I finally finished a jacket dress I've had cut out for weeks and have done lots of work on the quilt show stuff.

That never ends and won't until months after the show, I suppose. I had 2 meetings scheduled for Monday night but the one I had planned to attend was cancelled so I just stayed home.

In fact, I haven't been out but one evening & B went with me to the shopping center to buy a wedding present for his secretary's son. We got some towels.

Yesterday morning I went to the dentist & then went to the nursing home to see an old friend on her birthday. She is 82, the school nurse for almost the whole time our kids were in school here. She was so happy to see me again.

I'm sorry it took so long for you to get my card and letter. They may have been in a bag that didn't get sorted. There was quite a story in the paper just about that time. It seems some political letters were mailed days before the primary and never were delivered. They found them still in the Post Office in a bag that had never been sorted. The postmaster refunded the postage to the sender but it's a wonder there wasn't a big hassle about it.

It stays chilly but sure looks like spring. The grass is growing so fast and the apricot tree next door is just ready to burst into bloom. It has really started and if tomorrow is warm it will be in full bloom by evening.

I have quite a crop of tomato plants. I think every seed germinated. Maybe I told you I ordered a 10¢ package from Henry Fields. If they live I'll have enough for our friends, too.
I hope you are fine and that the weather is nice & sunny."



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