Tuesday, May 24, 2016

March 20, 1976 The Thunder Showers, The Batch of Rolls, The Jury Duty, The Tomato Seeds and The Spring-like Weather

Dear Mother,

"We got up early this morning and were working in the yard before the neighbors were stirring. Then thunder showers chased us in at noon but we got a lot of yard work done and feel good about it. We'll have more dirt hauled in after April 1 and then will have to do a lot of the work again. It takes dirt a long time to settle. The sun is out again but we're not going back out.

We go to our potluck supper tomorrow evening and I have to take rolls & relishes. I have a batch of bran rolls mixed up in the refrigerator.

This week has sure been hectic. I had two meetings and I have been trying to get some things done before I go on jury duty. They called me early yesterday and said not to come next week so that helps. I've been trying to sew and finally did finish the applique´ block for the Faculty Women's quilt. It looks real nice. Then I've been cutting quilt pieces for another workshop & that has taken hours. Usually the women do their own but I didn't have enough pattern books to go around so I've done it. They are ready for them to sew now.

I took the certificates back to the bank and put them in my safe deposit box.

I had a letter from Bessie and Buddy is fine. They got some medicine right away so he's ok.

My tomato seeds are sprouting like everything. There wasn't a one yesterday & now they are all over the pots.

The weather is warm and spring-like. I hope it stays this way now."

Hope you are fine."



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