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January 2, 1976 The Whole World, The Magnifying Glass, The Pictures, The Applications and The Usual New Year's Eve

Dear Mother,

"Another new year is started. Let's hope it will be a better one for the whole world. B and I have so very much to be thankful for and we are reminded of it every day, it seems.

It doesn't seem possible that Christmas came and went so fast. We had a wonderful one even if it was a little different. I took the wreath off the door and the cards off the mantle this morning. That was all the decorating we had done.

I'm glad you like the underwear. I knew it would be much warmer than nylon because I'd worn them in Japan. The necklace has a magnifying glass on it. You have probably discovered it but I thought it might be helpful at church. We gave B's mom one just like it.

The children are all fine. Bobby's colic is getting better but he still has to eat real often. He weighs 8½ lbs. now but I don't think he lost anything at the beginning like most of them do.

We will have some pictures one of these days. We sent for them but it takes so long to get them made and it is slower this time of year. Ann is wanting some too. She is fine. They went to Marshall for Christmas and she was going to Kansas City today with a friend just for fun.

Ann & Bob are beginning to fill out applications for jobs next year but they haven't any idea where those jobs will be. Bob is applying to Veteran's Hospitals. He applies to a central office and then is notified where there are vacancies. I hope they won't go too far away but they'll go where the jobs are, of course. Ann wants to work too.

Our New Years was quiet. We went to the usual New Year's Eve dinner party with the same crowd.

We visited and played some silly games & waited for the New Year by watching T.V. Most of them are getting pretty old so were getting sleepy but they waited till midnight and went home.

One of the games was fun & simple. We were given magazine ads of well-known products but the product name was cut off & we had to identify the product. I couldn't name but a few & all the ads were familiar. B got the prize (a tube of toothpaste) for naming the most. There were 40 in all & he named 28 of them.

New Year's day was a nice quiet day. No one called and we didn't have to do anything. B is working today, though. It would have been nice if his office could have been closed for a long weekend but it wasn't.

I'm trying to do some sewing before the clubs all start again next week. It seems I get slower at it all the time and I don't enjoy it as I do when I have plenty of time. I'm always rushed.

B is here for lunch so I'll stop & then he can mail this when he goes back to school."

                   Much love,


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