Thursday, May 12, 2016

December 27, 1975 The Proudest Things, The Airport Snow, The Mail & Newspapers, The Crying Spells and The Lovely Christmas

Dear Mother,

"It is good to be back home again but we did have a wonderful Christmas and I was so glad I could go to Bob & Pat's and help them get started with the new baby. He is just adorable and they are the proudest things you ever saw.

B and I got home last night about 10:00. He had left the Mustang parked at the airport so we had no trouble getting home. There was snow at the airport in Champaign but only a bit in Peoria and here.

It is going to take me a week to catch up on the mail and newspapers. I didn't write all my Christmas cards before I left and now I'll be able to tell about Bobby.

Bob & Pat were to take Bobby for a check-up this morning but Bob had to work at the hospital from 1:00 this afternoon so he's going to be awfully busy today. We all had mixed feelings about my coming home. I wanted to come home and I'm sure they wanted to be alone but we all wondered how hard it was going to be for Pat to manage everything. Bob will be home tomorrow and he has New Year's Day off too, so that will help. The baby has some real crying spells with the colic but seemed to be getting better. He is so strong and turns his head back & forth.

We have pictures to get finished and will send you some as soon as we can get them done.

It took all day to get B's mom on the phone Christmas. I was glad I'd called you early. Ann finally called us after we tried to get her all day. She had been trying all day, too. They went to Bob's mom's so she called from Marshall. She was so happy even if we couldn't all be together so it made me feel good to talk with her.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas."

Merry Christmas, Readers! Thanks a lot for all of your comments, emails and encouragement.  I hope you'll come back for 1976. Happy New Year till then!

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