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February 8, 1975 The Pearls, The Books, The Quilts, The Sweet Person and The Ride to Peoria

Dear Mother,

"It's snowing and slippery so I guess we're in for more winter. It has been awfully cold but the sun makes one feel better.

This been a busy week. I had 2 meetings on Monday and 2 on Thursday and one of them was my program. It was about pearls so I took some shells and my pearls to show along with the talk and everyone enjoyed it.

I'm still making new quilt blocks and having fun doing it and read 2 more books on quilts this week. One of the clubs that asked me to give a program on quilts last year has asked me again. This time I can go so I have that to look forward to. I'll use the program I gave so many times last year. It is all written out but I may make some changes or additions since I've read so much since then.

Mrs. Follick finished my two quilts this week and took two more. She said they'd be ready about the 4th of July. She was joking but I've told her over & over never to hurry and she has some sewing she wants to do before she starts them. She is 85 so she rests a lot but she does a lot of work, too. She gave me a beautiful angel wing begonia. She said she wanted to get rid of most of her plants. The quilts she finished were the cross-stitched one that I gave you one time and was too hard to do so I finished it, and the aqua one you made for Ann. Both of them are beautiful but Ann's is especially pretty. I'll probably bring it to Ann the next time we come to Richland so maybe you'll get it see it.

It sounds as if Aunt Beatrice looked awfully pretty. She was truly a sweet person. I thought of all of you all the day of the funeral for it rained here too, and I kept hoping it wouldn't be raining there.

Why don't you do some other kind of handwork besides quilts for awhile? Make some pillow cases or tea towels. I could use some tea towels. I don't use many or too often with the dishwasher but the ones I have are pretty awful. I use them when we have a big party because I don't put my good china in the dishwasher, nor my good crystal.

B flew to Huntsville, Alabama Thursday to interview a man for a job here and got back about 10:00 last night. I was sure glad to see him for I'm not alone much.

We're going to a play tonight and hope to ride to Peoria tomorrow afternoon, if the weather is decent, just for the fun of it. It's been quite a while since we've been there. If the weather is bad we'll light the fireplace and read. That is fun, too.

Hope you are fine. Stay warm and out of crowds."



P.S. Bob called one night, they are fine and he's on duty every 8th day now so he's rested up.

NOTE:  Both strings of pearls were birthday gifts to Mom from Dad, the first in 1945 and the second in 1954.  For a fascinating look at how the 1954 pearls came to be, see the following post from Japan: 

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