Wednesday, April 6, 2016

February 1, 1975 The Long Week, The Quilting Frames, The Evening Fires, The Meter Man and The Good Letter

Dear Mother,

"This seems like a long week. We had our dinner party Monday night and that was nice but the people we had aren't really close friends so it wasn't as much fun as such things sometimes are. We should have several more of these but aren't planning any soon.

Tuesday morning I drove for H.E.L.P. and that took all morning. The woman used a walker so had to move very slowly. After we went to the doctor she wanted to go shopping so I took her. She bought some warm gowns and something at the drug store so she really needed to shop.

I haven't been out of the house since then but we have our potluck supper tonight. I have to take vegetables and it isn't going to be anything fancy. They always want potatoes so I think they will be au gratin.

I have four quilt blocks ready to quilt for pillow tops and they sure are pretty. There are still some patterns I want to try but I'm out of material and have to get something for the back of the ones I'm ready to quilt. We got some bolts with wing nuts and are going to make little quilting frames for quilting the pillows. We haven't had time to put them together but they should work fine.

Lots of people around here are sick. I'm almost afraid to be in a crowd. If people would stay home when they cough or are sick these things wouldn't last long.

We've been having fires in the fireplace in the evening this week. It is nice to sit and read with the fire going.

Our yard is full of papers and trash but it has been too cold and muddy to get out there to pick them up. The meter man came across our yard yesterday and left muddy marks across my kitchen floor. Our gas meter is in the basement, I'm sorry to say.

Have things settled down for Cliffie and the others yet? I'm terribly sorry for all of them. They have been thru so much. It is going to be even harder and lonelier for Cliffie now. The $5 is for our part and your part of the flowers. Keep it and say nothing about it. Beulah has to do lots of things that I can't do and this will help some.

I haven't been in the mood to sew much lately but did get a suit cut out. There are several things I want to make but can't get much accomplished when I'm not wanting to sew.

We had a good letter from Ann this week. They are both fine and had been to Marshall. They still go to the dentist there. She is enjoying her classes at M.U.

The sun is out so it looks like a nice day. Hope you are fine."



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