Thursday, March 24, 2016

October 18, 1974 The Good Time, The Quieter Week, The Finished Suit, The Bagged Leaves and The Strawberry Bread

Dear Mother,

"I just came home from a luncheon so I'm in no mood to work. It is a cold, rainy day and I would have liked to just stay indoors where it is warm but did enjoy the women and had a good time.

This has been a quieter week but plenty is going on. We had company for dinner Wednesday night and are going out to dinner tonight. Friends are going on leave this semester and are spending the time in California so they ate supper here the night before they left. They'll be back before Christmas but I envy them their time in California. He is going to do some research on plants.

I finally finished a suit I've been working on a long time. The pattern looked simple enough but turned out to be complicated. I have a long dress ready to sew on and have the red velvet Charlotte gave me taken apart. I'm going to try to just fit it down and not recut it as I did the white one. Velvet is so hard to sew on I hope I can leave the waist as it is but seam it down.

I've been baking for the freezer and made strawberry bread this morning. B had some at school one day and thought it was good so I tried the recipe. It looks sort of weird but may be good--I hope.

The leaves are about down. I'd like to take a long trip, too. We did take a nice ride last Saturday afternoon and the trees were beautiful along the Illinois River.

Our neighbor came and took all our bagged leaves for his garden. He puts them thru a mulching machine and then spades them into the soil. Our yard is covered again but we may not get them raked up for awhile if it keeps raining.

I'll look for the blue thread, too, but I doubt if we ever find it.

We haven't heard from the kids this week. They are probably as busy as we are.

B took his lunch to school today since I wasn't going to be home. I hope he doesn't have any more meetings tomorrow. We hoped to work in the yard and he wants to get a new battery for the the Mustang. They are on sale and we want the cars in good running condition.

Hope you are fine."




  1. Great post as always Ann! I'm saving that strawberry bread recipe and I love the pic from The Saturday Evening Post!

  2. Hi Pam! Thank you! Glad you like this one. There hasn't been much news lately now that the politics have settled down a bit:-)


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