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October 12, 1974 The Garbage Man, The Book Review, The Board Meeting, The Vegetable Market and The Quilt Blocks

Dear Mother,                 Friday morning

"I'm going to work in the yard this morning but the grass is still too wet and the garbage man hasn't emptied our cans yet so I don't have any place to put the weeds until he comes.

This has been a hectic week. Today is the first day I've had any time for my own. Monday I gave a book review at Book Club and went to a luncheon in the afternoon.

I was supposed to go to another meeting but I stayed at home and went to bed because we got up at 4:00 Tuesday. B had an early meeting in Chicago so we were in the hotel before 8:00. I just sat in the lobby and read until the stores opened and then I browsed. There wasn't much of interest to see but I did find a book on bead work I'd been hunting. It tells how to use beads in needlepoint.

Wednesday I went to a luncheon for a friend who is leaving and that night to a church board meeting which lasted for three hours--without doing much. Thursday we had As You Like It.

Well, this is Saturday. A friend called and asked me to go to the vegetable market with her so I went in my work clothes. The market is across town so we usually get together to go.

I did get into the yard about 10:30 and spent the rest of the day. After I filled all the garbage cans with weeds & trimmings I raked leaves. They were 6 inches deep and rain was predicted. When B got home we put them in plastic bags and I think there are 12 big ones. The leaves are still falling and the yard needs raking again by now.

This is homecoming on campus. We have been to the parade but that's all we're going to do. It is cloudy & wet from a little rain last night.

We didn't even call Bob & Pat when we were in Chicago because we would have missed them and we didn't want to stay until they finished work.

I thought you had an extra set of quilt blocks. What were you going to use the blue thread & material for? I imagine most people would charge about $30. to quilt one now. My lady probably will raise her price too if she ever starts again.

I hope you are fine and that you're still resting your back."



NOTE:  The book review was All the President's Men.  A great article about the book follows:

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