Tuesday, March 29, 2016

November 23, 1974 The Barber Shop, The Pretty Day, The Same Group, The Quilting Lady and The Thanksgiving Plans

Dear Mother,

"It is supper time but B has gone to the barber shop so I'm waiting for him. One of the shops stays open until 8:00 so he always goes there and there are several barbers so he doesn't have to wait.

Ann called & talked a long time this afternoon. She has been back to school only mornings this week but has a cold. She sounded fine and goes back to the medical center to be checked next Tuesday. She still has chest pain but Bob says that is from the virus that caused the pneumonia.

The children are all coming home for Thanksgiving. They won't be here until late Wednesday night & then Bob B. has to work Friday so they can't stay long. We are so happy they can come at all. I suppose Ann and Bob will leave Sunday morning.

I have Pat's Xmas cape finished and it is pretty. She is going to be real happy. I want to make Ann something too but haven't bought any material. There is so much going on between now and Christmas I'm going to have a hard time getting anything made.

Today has been a pretty day and not too cold. The town is full of high school kids since the state football championship games are going on, and on our football field. The games go on all day today & tomorrow.

Poor Aunt Beatrice. She is probably simply worn out and it is a wonder that she hasn't given out long ago. I hope she is better by now.

My house needs a thorough cleaning and I hope I can wash some curtains and clean carpets after Thanksgiving. You remember that we have had New Year's Eve with the same group of people for several years. It is our turn to entertain and I'm dreading it. There will be from 20 - 24 and it will be a dinner and the evening. We all usually show slides and visit. We had the group 5 years ago, I think, so it will be awhile before I have to do it again.

My quilting lady called today and told me to bring her 2 quilts next week. I'm so glad and hope she'll finish up what I have before she quits again. She had such a long list though that I guess she has to switch around to keep everyone happy.

Have you made plans for Thanksgiving? It doesn't seem possible it could be that time. I hope you have a nice day and wish we could all be together."




  1. And on the very day your mom sent this, Emilia and I celebrated our first anniversary. Prime rib for two, bottle of wine, dessert + tip = $20.00. Outrageously expensive but we sure enjoyed it.
    Our apartment was $175/month for a two bedroom. Have a current day look at our California digs where "hardwood" has replaced the gold shag carpet we knew:

  2. Wow! You were a big spender in 1974, particularly given the economic outlook that year! A prime rib dinner would have been the perfect treat, that's for sure. I can picture these apartments in '74 with the shag carpet, the square rooms, the little balconies, etc. Classic! The place certainly has been well-maintained if it looks like it does on the website. Thanks for writing. You have such a good memory!


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