Monday, March 28, 2016

November 18, 1974 The Good Speech, The 5 Inch Snow, The Red Velvet, The Viral Pneumonia and The Snow Tires

Dear Mother,  

"This letter won't be early. I just didn't get much done yesterday and we went to a dinner last night. B had to give the speech so he'd been working on that quite a while. He's glad it is over but it was good and people seemed to enjoy it. It was about education.

We still have the remains of a five inch snow that came Wednesday. It started out real wet & messy but was beautiful and white by Thursday morning. I had to pour at a tea on Wednesday so put on boots & took an umbrella and walked to school. It is cold, of course, but it isn't far to our Student Union Building.

B is at a meeting at school this morning and I may do a little shopping if I can get started. It is so nice to stay indoors when it's cold.

We have our potluck group tonight and I take bread so I'm going to make muffins. I thought I'd make brown 'n serve rolls all week but never got to it and I don't want to spend all day watching bread.

Pat's cape is coming along but real slow. It is hard to do but should be pretty. I still haven't found the buckle for the red velvet.

We went to Chicago last Saturday and I couldn't even find it there. I looked 2 or 3 places but you can spend a whole day just looking for something like that.

Ann called me yesterday and was being dismissed from the hospital. She sounded fine but said she still had some pain in her ribs. Bob said that virus infections cause pain and this was a kind of viral pneumonia. The doctor told her she could go back to work when she felt like it so she's going to start part time at first.

We ordered a load of wood so have been using the fireplace. It is so cozy and nice to have in the evening.

Bob & Pat were fine when I talked to him Monday. He called the doctor in Columbia and then called me to tell us what he learned. It was awfully nice and thoughtful of him.

Their snow tires are in the basement & they planned to get them Thanksgiving. Patty probably wished for them this week but the weatherman said the snow in Chicago wasn't as heavy as it was here.

It is beginning to rain so if I'm going to get some shopping done I'd better get started.

Hope you are fine."




  1. Now there is a significant piece of cultural change. Can you imagine today anyone calling someone's doctor and getting any kind of information? Not to say this has been a universally good development, however.
    Bob K.

    1. The intern on my case was memorable to say the least and probably would have called Mom directly & immediately had I asked him to!


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