Saturday, February 13, 2016

March 23, 1974 The Christmas Cactus, The Green Jello, The Gas Problems, The Jewelry Class and The Mail Man

Dear Mother,

"It sure is wintry and has been most of the week. It is just 15º now and I'd think the tulips and other things that are up will be ruined but they don't look like it now. Nothing is big enough to bloom so maybe they are all right.

My Christmas cactus is blooming for the first time in years. I don't know what happened to make it bloom. I had tried everything and finally gave up and just let it sit. The soil is like a rock but the bloom is beautiful. There are lots of buds, too.

The place where we ate dinner in Springfield last Sunday was selling little shamrock plants so I bought one. It is real pretty but doesn't have any blooms. That was St. Pat's day and the waitresses were all wearing green & white. There was even a green jello dessert.

Mrs. Adams had better start locking her doors if she doesn't want people walking in. My doors are always locked.

Bob will have a few days off the last part of May and they hope to come to Richland for a few days. I think the gas problems are going to be over by then but you can't tell what the Arab nations (or ours for that matter) will do.

I'm still using the eggs you gave me. I was sure glad to get them for it saved me a trip to the grocery store right after we got home.

I've worked most of the week on my jewelry and have some pieces ready to take to class for criticism Monday evening. The polishing isn't as good as it should be and I know what the teacher will say about that. He is real particular. We have only two more classes so I have to work at home if I get much done.

We have tickets to a program at school tonight. It is a singer and neither one of us care much about going. We will leave at intermission if we don't like it.

I cancelled my book club membership and then got a bill for books I had paid for on the same day I'd cancelled. This is Literary Guild & the worst book club I have ever seen. I ignored the bill and if I get any more books I'll just take them back to the post office. The mailman told me to do that one time.

There isn't much news so I'll stop and get dressed.

Hope you are fine."



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