Wednesday, February 24, 2016

June 8, 1974 The Real Downpour, The Wrong Time, The Volunteer Poppies, The Bad Tube and The Happy Things

Dear Mother,

"We are all practically washed away here and I guess you have had lots of rain, too. We didn't get any water in the basement until yesterday and that was after a real downpour. The man never did come about the waterproofing. Maybe he thinks this is a bad time to try to do anything.

I've been cutting out a pantsuit for Pat's birthday. She asked for one and wanted it plain brown. This is the wrong time of year for brown but I did find it. I probably can't finish it by her birthday but she doesn't care since she wants it for fall. Bob is going to a medical convention in San Francisco in the fall and she plans to go along. She already has permission from the school and they are really looking forward to it.

Bob wrote a nice letter this week and of course they are busy. Pat's dad was attending a convention in Chicago so was staying with them and they were looking for one of Pat's brothers to come for a visit.

I guess we aren't going to even get a tomato plant put out. The place where I had them last year is full of volunteer poppies so I guess I'll just let them grow. My garden is like Aunt Nora's was that time--God planted it--but he chose a flower garden to come up instead of tomatoes.

Our TV went out but B worked with it until he found the bad tube and a fuse and now it is better than ever. It took him a long time & a lot of running for test tubes but it was worth the trouble. We hated to call a service man.

B has such a list of things to do today I don't think he'll get far on it. One thing was to flush the radiator of the Buick & that takes a while.

It looks like it may start raining any minute so that may have to wait unless he works in the garage. He usually works on the driveway.

I wish we were in Richland to share all of the happy things but there are just not enough hours in each day.

Hope you are fine."



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