Tuesday, February 23, 2016

June 1, 1974 The Cold, The Dresses, The Surrey, The Letters and The Flowers

Dear Mother,

"The sun is out for a change but it is cool. I have a cold so I'm staying in today and maybe catch up with the laundry.

I've been sewing most of the weekend and mailed Ann the dresses yesterday. She had a pattern for me so I made something for her to wear to Sid's wedding. We just can't come for it as much as we'd like to.

All of us had such a good time with all of you. Bob & Pat said they had a wonderful vacation and I was glad. On our way to Columbia Bob wanted to stop at Spring Garden cemetery where he had been before. There are lots of Belshes buried there and we talked to an old man who was the caretaker, I guess. He wanted to know who we were. When we mentioned Richland he said he'd been there once--drove a woman there in a surrey. Bob drove thru the little village and then showed us the land where the Belshes first settled. It was interesting.

Ann had a lovely lunch ready for us and we stayed with them until about 4:00. It poured rain but we tried to find Sid so Bob could talk to him but couldn't. Ann had a cold so I caught it from her I guess, although there seems to be a lot around here.

I did my volunteer driving yesterday--took a woman with a broken foot for therapy and then later to the doctor. It took much of my day.

I wrote Cliffie and Aunt Nora notes this week but haven't written to Beulah yet. I hunted up that old sales list she'd wanted (out of G. Taylor's letters) and will send it to her. When I got started looking for it I got carried away with reading those old letters again.

What kind of shoes did Shirley find for you? Higher heels are coming back and it is harder to find low ones now.

We sure have the flowers now. My iris are still blooming and the peonies are just loaded. I wish you had some.

I was supposed to go to a shower today for David Watterson's bride-to-be but am not going because of this cold. I'm sending place mats as my gift. We are invited to the wedding but it is a 2 hr. drive to the town so I don't know whether we'll make it or not.

Hope you are fine and that the rain has stopped for awhile."



P.S. "Ann said she'd let you know about their plans. I just imagine they will stay with you. Let them get their own breakfast. They will probably have juice and toast. Bob doesn't eat eggs. They will take care of themselves as they do at home."

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