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February 2, 1974 The Beauty Shop, The Knitting Group, The Other Things, The President's Speech and The Canadian's Editorial

Dear Mother,

"I'm in the beauty shop under the dryer so I'll use my time to write to you instead of just sitting here. I have been getting a permanent. My hair was so hard to manage I had to have something done.

Our cold weather is back and snow is predicted after a few nice days. B knocked the ice out of the evergreens but it is still in the yard.

I gave my program about quilts on Monday and it went real well. Everyone was so interested. I had intended to take some of my quilts to show but it was such an ugly, rainy day that I didn't.

Our knitting group met Tuesday night and I went to a luncheon on Wednesday. January was a busy month and I hope this month will be a little easier.

In between other things this week, I have been making a suit with a long skirt and it is about finished. The skirt is all done and the jacket is ready for the button holes and lining. I hope to finish it this afternoon if the phone doesn't ring all the time.

We are going to a dinner later this month to honor the president of Eureka College so I hope this outfit looks nice enough to wear. It is cream colored with some flecks of black, red & yellow in it but I hope when I get a red or black blouse with it that is won't look too summery. I already have a cream sweater that looks pretty with it but it is terribly light.

We haven't heard from Ann this week. Bob & Patty sent back a carload of stuff with Chip when he went to visit them. They don't have much storage space and some of it was books. B said they hadn't learned to throw away books but I told him he hadn't learned that either.

Did you hear the President's speech? If all of the things he said could only be true we would be in fine shape. I keep wondering how things will be this time next year. He blames everyone but himself when he could straighten everything out in a hurry if he'd keep his promises to cooperate and do it. I just can't understand it at all.

We still get all the gas we need but Chicago seems to have trouble. Bob & Pat haven't complained so they must be alright. Of course, we don't drive to work or use our car as much as many people have to but some of the stations stayed open last Sunday. They had plenty of gas.

Our Mustang is all fixed up and runs fine. We use it practically all of the time since it doesn't take much gas.

Has your grass stayed green all winter? Ours looks like spring but B said the deep snow cover had kept it warm and growing. Someone said the few warm days we had brought the peonies up but I didn't go out to see. Everyone is wishing for an early spring and this is February already. Time sure flies by in a hurry!

I had heard and read the Canadian's editorial and it is really special. Sometimes I feel exactly like he does but I guess the world is far too small for us to ignore the rest of it. So things probably won't change.

It is almost noon and I hope I get home in time to fix B's lunch. He likes to come home even for a few minutes.

I hope you are fine and that your basement is dried up. There doesn't seem to be any answer to that and we've just been lucky."



NOTE:  The President's speech...

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