Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February 16, 1974 The Comforter, The Bug, The Gas, The Lobby and The Driving

Dear Mother,

"My comforter is all done and it sure is pretty. It took longer to finish it than I thought it would but I just let everything else go until I got it done. I know it will be warm.

We had letters from the children this week. Ann is back at school but is still taking medicine. She said that bug really took her pep. She had made cupcakes for her kids and I guess they had a Valentine's party.

Bob & Pat are fine but they are having trouble getting gas just like everyone else in Chicago. They are still having lots of snow so have ridden the train part of the time. Pat has to change several times and it takes almost twice as long to get to school as it does to drive.

They had been babysitting but didn't comment on it so I don't know how they enjoyed it.

B & I went to a dinner in Eureka last night honoring the college president. He has been there 20 years and it was a nice affair. B has gone back to a board meeting this morning. Thursday night we went to a play at school and are going to a concert tonight. It is almost too much for one week.

On Monday we are going to Chicago. B has two meetings so we'll be there until Saturday afternoon. Monday and Tuesday nights we'll be at the Howard Johnson's International Motor Inn. The phone is 312-671-6000 and then from Wednesday afternoon until Saturday noon we'll be at the Conrad Hilton Hotel. B could be paged at either place if you need to get in touch with us. There won't be anything for me to do at the Howard Johnsons so I'll just read or do my needlepoint.  It is fun to just sit in the lobby and watch people. When we go to the Hilton I can shop for it is right downtown and I can walk where I want to go.

You never did tell me what happened to Aunt Nora. How did she hurt herself? B's mom finally wrote about Mae Sellers and she really had a fall, didn't she? You be very careful when you go to the basement.

I did my driving for H.E.L.P. yesterday--took a girl and her baby to the doctor. These trips take a long time because I take them back home and that means waiting a long time. I did go to the grocery store yesterday while she was seeing the doctor so that helped but it isn't always close to a grocery story.

I'd better get dressed and get the bed made. I haven't done a thing this morning but write to Ann."




  1. Knocking it out of the park today, Ann! The AMC Gremlin AND a rotary phone. Seems like only yesterday, doesn't it?
    But... in 1986, one of our son's friends asked to use the phone to call his parents. We still had a rotary at the time and the kid had no idea how to make it work.

    1. Thank you for the high praise:-) Yes, it does seem like yesterday. Believe it or not, we still have a white dial desk phone with one of those annoying curly cords, in additional to the "normal" phones today of course. We don't use it.

      Your 1986 experience reminds me of a conversation I overheard. A couple of kids were looking at an open trash can in which someone had piled a bunch of old LPs. One kid called another one over to "Look at this HUGE CD!"

  2. Our kids called it a circle phone.

    1. I think that is a great name for a dial phone! Thanks for sharing your comment!

  3. Those AMC Gremlin cars look very radical for the 70's and quite small too for an American car. 18mpg seems very low for fuel consumption!
    I like the 'phone, very familiar looking, similar to the 746 telephones I used to fit in the 1980's.

    1. I think people liked the look and the name of the car, but I don't believe it had a very good reputation for quality! I miss the dial phones since they were so sturdy and didn't fall over like so many flimsy hand-sets today. Thanks so much for your comments, David!


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