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October 10, 1964 The Poor Letter, The Pictures, The Citizen's Committee and The Same Stuff

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"My letter last week was such a poor one I'll try to do better with this one.  It is a beautiful, bright day but has been real chilly.  I keep hoping we'll get some warm days again when I can work in the yard but I don't know whether I can find any time to do it.

The Sea of Marmara

B & I showed our pictures at the church supper last night.  We don't go to the potlucks much anymore. The kids don't like to go at all and a few times when I'd have food ready B wouldn't get home in time.  It's a nuisance to get food ready to take out & cook a meal for the kids, too.

B has been awfully tired lately.  He goes on the run most of the time.  He is serving on a citizen's committee to get some gov't. help with enlarging our hospitals & building one new one in our area. That has meant several committee meetings.  It should be a short term committee but there is a recommendation that there be a permanent one.  He might not be asked for that but I suppose he'd serve if he was asked.

Wednesday night we went to a lecture one of our dentist friends was giving on his painting collection.  He collects pictures done by local artists on local scenes. He told the history of the places--had old newspapers & books to go along with his pictures.  It was very interesting but there was only a tiny crowd because Senator Douglas was giving a speech in the same building.  He had a pretty big crowd but from the newspaper report he must have said the same stuff all of them have been saying.  I'm sick of it all & will be glad when it is all over.

I'm sure happy about Beulah's new washing machine but just wish she could have had it long ago.  I had a real long letter from her today.  I never did get around to writing to Jerry.  Beulah seemed so pleased with his school work & her whole letter sounded so happy.

I'm still sewing & Ann still wants a suit made. I finished the wool dress and it looks pretty good.  At least, I'm wearing it.

Ann's arm seems fine & never bothers her anymore. She's too busy to think about it really.  Neither of the kids seem to have an extra lot of homework but there are other interesting things to do.  Ann is singing in two chorus groups & playing the piano in one of them. That keeps her practicing piano a little & I'm glad.

Today is Dad's Day on campus but we don't have to go to anything this afternoon.  There is a football game tonight & we'll all go to that.  It's going to be cold.

I went to a brunch this morning & it was real nice. There were over 50 women there--two women had the party at Wesleyan University.  They served omelets, fruit salad, muffins & coffee. Then they served chocolate pie.  It was all delicious--an easy way to entertain.

We haven't done anything more about the dining room furniture except to write for some folders.  I keep hoping I can find what I want for this may be the last set we'll ever buy.  The one we have has been a good one & we've used it hard.

I hope both of you are fine & will stay that way."

                                 Lots of love,


NOTE:  About the arm--It was fractured while arm wrestling with my cousin when we visited our grandparents in August.  Really dumb.

For a biographical sketch of Senator Paul Douglas:


  1. I was wondering how you broke your arm Ann :-) I broke my arm chasing my eldest grand-daughter some time ago. I remember going to the ER and the young doctor plastered it too tightly so my arm swelled up and I had to go back and get it redone by a more experienced doctor.

  2. Oh no! I hope you at least caught your grand-daughter:-) What a bad ER experience!

    It's good to hear from you and I appreciate your writing! Are you well into Spring by now?

  3. I did catch her Ann :-) Yes Spring has sprung as we say here but yesterday we had such high winds I was very glad I had taken a Hay Fever tablet in the morning.


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