Tuesday, September 2, 2014

June 28, 1964 Rhodes

Journal entries:  Always in italics.  

Having time as the Stella Maris sailed from one port to another, allowed Mom time to provide a much more typically detailed explanation of our travels.

Sunday, June 28.

Guide's name was Despina.  Knights of Justice gate had monk, knight & soldier on it.

Terrain of Rhodes is mountainous, soil sandy with clay base--never short of water.  Rainy season begins end of Nov. and from May to Oct. never may rain; no frost, no snow except on highest mt. peaks.

A fine summer hotel used for school of hotel business in winter.  Rainfall 34-35 inches.  Red hibiscus is the rose of Rhodes.

Many tall oaks--small acorns.  Street of Pines lined with pines, lovely homes, compulsory to have front garden of certain depth & 2 story house.

Catholic Church of St. Francis.  Windmills for irrigation--modern ones made in Chicago.

44 villages on Rhodes, 65,000 people.  Yellow wild flowers are wild tulips. Flower from pomegranate gave first name to Rhodes.  Is symbol, other emblem is deer.  Deer brought to kill snakes.   Few snakes, no poisonous ones.  Few cows, big variety of figs.  Black is best.  Tradition for peasants to stuff figs with almonds, walnuts & sesame seeds for winter use.  Many kinds of grapes. China berries or syringa make brown berry rosary.  Olive predominates island, sufficient oil for natives.  Olive tree bears at 10 yrs., harvest in Oct.-Nov.  Small yellow flower, trunk twists every 50 yrs.  Voice of America station here.  2 high schools in Rhodes.  Compulsory education for 6 yr. olds to 12 yrs.  Hidden village = small, flat-roofed houses.  Whitewashed inside - out every Easter & Xmas.  Large families, no T.V.  School, hidden for protection.

Rhodes exports oranges, tangerines, lemons.  5 crops tomatoes--grow all year, apricots, cucumbers, grapes.  Lamartine described Rhodes as a bunch of flowers on blue Aegean.

Islands born of volcanoes but none here now.  Legend says Zeus gave Rhodes to Apollo. Pomegranate means abundance & prosperity--picture on coin.  Thyme grows low, aromatic, everywhere lavender flowers.

On peak of Tsambika is church with icons which help barren women.

Natives wear high leather boots of kid, pleated skirt, jacket as cotton in summer, velvet in winter, scarf on head.

Native transportation is donkey, side saddle.


Tomorrow, Rhodes continued.

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