Wednesday, September 3, 2014

June 28, 1964 More time on Rhodes

Journal entries, always in italics.

2 types of oranges = Jaffa--big, sweet, juicy, the one for orangeade.  

Blue is popular color--Goddess of Fertility pictured with blue dress.  Peasants put blue beads on newborns, donkeys & behind doors to keep evil away.

Island occupied by Italians & Germans from '43 to '47 (free then).  Barracks destroyed by Greeks & British.

Village of Basket - people make straw items.  There is an orphans' home for 250 children built by Queen.

Knights of St. John built place for travelers going to Jerusalem.  Then used for fort when Turks attacked Jerusalem.  Jars used for burial of children 6 - 16 years. Marble coffins for adults.  Palace was restored by Mussolini.  Bay leaf tree here. Mixture of all cultures, fine inside.

Tomorrow, Lindos.

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