Friday, August 22, 2014

May 23, 1964 The Officers, The Honorable Mention, The Recital, The Last Meeting and The Fine Group

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We are gradually getting things done but running our legs off.  B is taking the kids around today since I am having a luncheon for Pen Women officers at 1:00 today.  We hope to plan next year's meetings. Bob is getting his eyes tested, he & B will get a typhoid shot, Bob wants to take his fish to a pet shop to sell, Ann has a dental appointment and an organ lesson.  Everything seems to come at once.  Ann, Polly & I will get our last typhoid shot next Tuesday.  We can't all get together to go at the same time.

Bob got a nice certificate of honorable mention for his science project.  He was pleased about it & figured out that he was one of 4% of all that entered.  Did I tell you that 18,000 entered it?  Seems as if it has dragged on for so long that I can't remember what I've told you.

Ann's recital last week was real nice.  B took me to Peoria and we got back just in time to go to the reception Ann's teacher has for the children & parents. Then the children played.

My blue dress is almost done & is real pretty.  I hope to sew some more next week.

We had our last tour meeting Wed. night.  We are to be at O'Hare field in Chicago at 12:30 p.m., June 19.  They didn't have the mailing addresses of the hotel finished but when we get it we'll send a copy. Everyone is getting excited. We have a fine group going.  We have a doctor, dentist, minister, 3 lawyers, an architect and the rest are teachers.

This is a beautiful day but windy.  The iris & peonies are beautiful but the wind ruins the iris.

B wants to find Bob a suit today.  The one we ordered from Penney's didn't come.  It is hard to fit Bob & find something he likes, too.

We still haven't found anyone to keep the cat.  I don't know what we'll do with her.  We may have to take her to a vet to keep for us for we can't just leave her outside.  Pets can sure be a problem.

I guess I'd better get busy so take care of yourselves."

                   Lots of love,


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