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February 8, 1964 The Mending, The Co-Hostess, The Junk and The Willow Tree

February 1964 offerings
Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I haven't had to do too much going around this week so I've spent most of the time sewing.  Part of this was mending, of course, which never seems finished, but I started Ann a suit.  It is cotton & arnel jersey and red & white check.  I bought it at the end of last summer & have saved it.  There were 3 yards of 60" material so it really cut to advantage.  She wanted a skirt with a sailor blouse and after I cut that I got a jacket and shorts too.  It will make a nice outfit for she can mix it.  There is a lot of work on each piece for most of it has to be lined.  She wants it done by the time (Feb. 28) her class takes a trip to the museums in Chicago.  Of course, she won't need all of it but I'm working on it all at once.

I had book club here Monday morning but didn't have to fix anything for that except the coffee & the table.  My co-hostess brought the coffee cake.

Thursday was Dollar Day in Bloomington & I went for a little while but didn't buy much.  These bargain days are losing their appeal because they bring in so much junk that really isn't much of a bargain.  I used to buy so many things for the children but can't do that anymore.  Maybe I could if they were little & maybe that's where the bargains are.

We went to a meeting on our trip Wednesday night.  They have to fill 30 more seats on the plane to have a full trip.  The kids are worried that the trip won't go but the director doesn't seem to be.

We'll have to call Daddy "Fatty" but I'm glad he's feeling fine.  How are you feeling, Mother?  All of us are fine.  B is tired but things should slow up by next week.

I know how you feel about the willow tree but I think that was the only answer.  It made me sick to see ours cut for it was so pretty.  It will keep sprouting & you'll have to keep after it before it is killed out.

It is cold & cloudy today.  We had a little snow yesterday but I hope that's the last."

                         Lots of love,


NOTE:  Just for fun, the number one hit song on Feb. 8, 1964...Of course, I Want to Hold Your Hand. As Mom would say,  "Now that's a catchy tune!"  Remember seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan?  I sure do.


  1. I was jealous of the Beatles, as the girls were so utterly obsessed with them. It never occurred to me to write brilliant songs and record them with my own band.


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