Tuesday, July 29, 2014

November 26, 1963 The Letter from Grandmother: Goodness, Dignity and Love

Dear Bonnie, B & children,

"This is a nice sunny day & not very cold, I have been real busy to day, for I didn't do much yesterday but watch television, didn't even wash my dinner dishes until after President Kennedy's funeral--I couldn't read or think either, all I wanted to do was cry and pray--I didn't always agree with him but I was proud of him and his family & thought they graced the White House with goodness, dignity & love & it will take someone very great to partly fill his place.  Sunday was more like a funeral than church. Our first song was My Country Tis of Thee, and they prayed for our country & the President's family & most ever one was in tears.  There were no Democrats or Republicans, nor Baptists nor Catholics (or it didn't seem so anyway) but all Americans grieving for our beloved president.  Then someone called the church & said the man accused of killing the president had been shot.  That made three lives lost by violence in a short while--I watched the policeman's funeral, also the other man's--yesterday was the little Kennedy boy's birthday & tomorrow the little girl's--Mrs. Kennedy looked so lonely as she went down the steps leading both children.  It all seems such a pity and so unbelievable--I can hardly realize it's true yet--

I don't know whether there is any news around home or not, except a bad car wreck near here last night; one boy killed (a Henry boy) and several hurt real bad so the radio said--a Meyers boy, a Henson boy and I don't remember the others, all from Richland--

There was a church supper at the school house last night; but we didn't go--I know they had a nice time, but we seldom ever go any place at night--

I suppose we will go to Beulah's for Thanksgiving.  We invited them up here, but she said for us to come out, it would give us a chance to get out for a day--and they all ways have to go home so early--

Cliffie is going with Beatrice & Francis to Hadlys & Ruths for Thanksgiving.  This will make her third Thanksgiving with them--I suppose you got an announcement from Ruth telling about the new baby, a boy named Scott Thomas--

Dad finally got Ruth Deberrys table made, Floyd took it to her this morning--she just now called & said it was a lovely table--she had an old drawer (small) set in the side & sent a picture like she wanted it, he tried to make it as near like as he could, he has been a long time making it, but she didn't seem to mind--

Dad is getting ready to go to town so I will stop & send my letter--I hope all of you have a nice Thanksgiving--Tell B & the children helo for me and excuse this hasty letter---

                       Lots of love to all,



  1. There's her famous "helo". (The family says she always spelled it that way.) Want to speculate about why she spelled it that way?

    Bob K.

  2. I remember seeing Oswald shot on live TV. I believe it was the first time a breaking story was covered in real time, or at least the first time for a momentous event. Because it was live, it was even more shocking to me. I could hardly believe I was seeing a murder. To this day it seems incredible.

    Bob K.


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