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December 8, 1963 The Big Feet, The Coffee for Students, The Socializing and The Christmas Tree Lighting

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Here I'm late again.  I got my paper out to write yesterday but that was as far as I got.  I had to go to Bloomington to pick up an order from Wards and ran a few errands.  Then Ann had her lesson and the phone kept ringing.  B had an all day meeting at school and last night we went to a Christmas formal at one of the girls' dorms.  We stood in the receiving line for over an hour so my feet feel too big for my shoes today.

This morning we had a coffee for students at the church and that took the morning.  I cut out Ann's velvet dress last week but then spent a day on a formal for myself (which I didn't like when I got it together and wore an old one).  This week I must make Ann's dress.

Yesterday was a warm, fall day.  It started raining last night & it's snowing hard now.

We are planning to come home on Sunday, the 22nd and stay until after Christmas--probably Friday, unless the weather should be bad.  I've written only a few Christmas cards and can't seem to find time to do them.  There are always so many things to do at Christmas.  I wish it could be simplified some way.

Ann had a little supper party Friday night.  She had all the girls in her room to come after a ball game & then they all went to the high school ball game so they weren't here long.  She planned the menu and it was real simple but took most of the day to fix the food.  I put everything on the buffet and they helped themselves.

The faculty women had a tea Tuesday afternoon, book club met Monday & As You Like It Club was Thursday.  So I did a lot of socializing this week.

There is a Christmas tree lighting ceremony on campus tonight. They decorate an outdoor tree & have a little ceremony when the lights are turned on.  We had planned to go but the weather is so bad we may not.

I must stop & get this mailed or it won't go out tonight.

I'm glad Daddy is fattening up a bit and hope you both are fine."

Lots of love,


Christmas card from family friends, Dec. 1963

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