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November 18, 1962 Beautiful and Unusually Religious, The Singer and Her Accompanist and Not Much of a Letter

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I started to write this morning but didn't even get started when our ride came and we went to Rock Island to Woody's inauguration.  We got up at 5:30 so I'm beginning to feel sort of groggy.  The ceremony was at 10:00 and we got there in time to have coffee first.  The ceremony was very beautiful and unusually religious but we should have expected that for it is a Lutheran church school.  They have required classes in religion.  Woody gave a fine speech and then 600 people went to their luncheon. There wasn't any chance to talk to them except in a receiving line but they seemed happy and we are glad for them.  I bought a plain black Nelly Don wool dress and looked as dressed up as anybody.

I have been doing some committee work for Faculty Women's club & had a group here Tuesday night for that.  Then I've had to do quite a bit of typing on that project too.

On Wednesday and Thursday our Y.W.C.A. celebrated it's 90th birthday so that took extra time. Wednesday night there was a small Y meeting with the girls & Thurs. night they sponsored a concert by a Broadway singer that grew up in Decatur, Ill.  This was a free public affair.  The singer and her accompanist came from N.Y. by plane and I went to the airport to get them.  That killed another morning.

Ann has her skirt about finished and she did a good job.  She cut out a pair of gingham pajamas last night but hasn't started sewing.

This isn't much letter but we hope to see you Thurs. and I've got to study my Sunday School lesson."

                         Lots of love,


NOTES:  The Y.W.C.A. at I.S.N.U. was the oldest university chapter in the country.  I have searched to find out who performed at the concert, but among the entertainment at the University in 1962 (i.e., Carol Channing, Miriam Makeba, Roger Williams and the Chad Mitchell Trio), none hailed from Decatur as far as I can tell!

For the interesting story of the Nelly Don Co., use this link:

For details about Augustana College, use this link:   (The image above is from USNews and World Report.)

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