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September 22, 1945 The Tobacco, The Dog, The Duz and The Duet

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Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Today is a gorgeous day but a bit snappy.  We have had real fall weather and have had to have some heat.  Our kitchen range is a combination gas and fuel oil stove and the oil part heats the kitchen real well and takes the chill off the whole house.  We really are enjoying our house.  It is so comfortable.

I had a letter from Beulah this week and I'm so thrilled about their new place.  Maybe they can get a telephone.  I hope so.  Her letter was so happy it made me feel good.  I don't envy them their job of moving one bit, but I know they'll be happy to get moved.

School is going full swing now.  Our geography class went on a field trip to the tobacco fields Thursday.  We chartered two buses and it took over half the day.  We went up around Hartford and it was very interesting but I was worn out when we got back.  Conn. grows the finest cigar tobacco in the U.S.

I won't have to read as many books this year at last--only 14 so far and I have two almost read.  The work doesn't seem too hard.

Don't you worry about those few eggs.  They are very nice and big too.  Big eggs have been around .68 here and pullet eggs are .50.

Your new dog sounds nice.  Where did you get him and what color is he?  We were saying this other day that we would like to have a nice bird dog some day.  Is he a purebred?

Would you like me to send you some Duz?  I can get all I want.

The tea last Sunday was lovely.  We really had a good time.  Mrs. Lovell said she wanted to call it a supper but didn't have the courage to put that on the invitation.  She meant it to be a supper and intended to say so the next time.  She is awfully sweet.  There was so much to eat--sandwiches, olives, cakes, ice cream, coffee, tea, and little dainty things that I never saw before.  We spent the time in visiting.  The term at Hopkins begins Monday morning so they have been having faculty meetings this week.

I've been practicing a little on the piano and last night we had a lot of fun.  B played the clarinet and I the piano.  We didn't do so badly either.

I'm still going to the dentist at least twice a week.  It is getting awfully tiresome but I want to get my teeth in good shape for once.

Come for dinner tomorrow.  I have a nice beef roast and we'd fix up this big dining table with all the trimmings.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could?

Did you want any more of the pictures?  Let me know if you do.  There isn't much news so bye for now."

B's Clarinet (Image courtesy of RBB)

                             Lots of love,

                                     B & Bonnie

NOTE from Ann:  Connecticut is still one of the top tobacco producing states in the country.  For a brief look at it's long history, use the link.

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