Monday, April 11, 2016

March 7, 1975 The Raincoats, The Swiss Steak, The Bicentennial Quilt and The Drug Store

Dear Mother,

We finally got to Chicago on Friday of last week and came home Saturday. Bob & Pat came downtown Friday night and we all had dinner together but we didn't see them again while we were there. It was cold but I did do a little shopping. I bought some material for a quilt and a book and that's about all. The stores are sort of between seasons and don't have much of interest. Most of the windows had raincoats in them.

I fixed communion at church & cleaned up afterwards on Sunday. Then fixed Swiss Steak to take to potluck.

I also had to start cleaning up the house a bit for Travel Club came here Monday afternoon. I got to Book Club Monday morning but was late for I had to get dishes out & things ready for the afternoon. I'd hoped the day would be cloudy but it was beautifully sunny & the dirt just glistened. Who cares? It's my house. I was glad when Monday was gone. Another club met Thursday afternoon but I haven't had to go anywhere at night this week.

We are planning to come to Richland next Friday but have no idea what time we'll be there so don't fix supper for us. As far as I know, Ann & Bob will be coming to Richland Saturday. At least, they said they wanted to the last time I heard from them. We'll have to come home on Sunday, as usual.

I finally settled on a quilt pattern and have it started. The trouble is, I don't want to do anything else but you know I have to. I'll try to bring a block so you can see it. It is my bicentennial quilt (red/white/blue) and I intend to embroider my name & the date on it somewhere.

B had the root of a toenail partially removed this afternoon but it doesn't bother him yet. Maybe it won't. The Dr. has tried to cut out the sides of the nail to keep it from growing in but it hasn't worked so the root had to be worked on. We have to go to the drug store for some pills (antibiotics, I guess) & Epsom Salt so he can soak it so I'd better stop.

Hope you are fine & we'll see you sometime Friday evening."


NOTE: To make up for the lack of interesting news lately, here is a segment from "Good Night America", Geraldo Rivera's talk show on March 6, 1975. You will immediately recall all the news about the release of the Zapruder film and its graphic detail of JFK's assassination. You may not want to watch the video after the interview with Dick Gregory.


  1. I can't see Geraldo without thinking about his live-on-the-air excavation of Al Capone's vault. Seems to me that produced a lot of blather outta him and dirt. Oh well.
    Re Kennedy's assassination, a friend of mine is a retired police chief. He visited the Texas School Book Depository and said it was not that difficult a shot for anyone who'd had any marksmanship training. Don't guess we'll ever know the ground truth about the "grassy knoll."
    Two days before your mom wrote this letter, I finished navigator training. Shiny wings and orders to Pope AFB, NC. We got as far as Barstow, CA the first night, about 420 miles and stayed in a Motel 6. Classy! It had a Magic Fingers bed and a baseboard heater. Both required quarters (5 mins for the Fingers and about a half hour for the heater) and it's cold in March on the high desert. Got to Williams, AZ the next night, about 320 miles where we stopped early because of snow. Gas stations there all had boxes of petrified desert rocks, the rock of your choice free with a fill up. Sorry to say I can't remember where we stopped the night of March 7th - somewhere in NM most likely - and then went on to Big Spring, TX.

  2. Oh yes, Capone's empty vault! That was absolutely much ado about nothing. You must have felt fantastic and accomplished at the completion of your training! And a quarter for the privilege for hearing a bed rattle--haha! Those were so funny. We stayed in a Motel 6 where there was a 1" open space around the entire door and it required a blanket over it in order to have any sense of privacy whatsoever. You have an extraordinarily good memory! If I'd shared more of our adventures with my mom, we'd have a better record of it all and wouldn't have to rely on memory. Thanks for your great comments.


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