Tuesday, April 12, 2016

March 22, 1975 The Long Hard Week, The Wonderfully Warm Weather, The Past Politician and The Faculty Women

Dear Mother,

"It seems like a month since we were home but this week has been a long, hard one.  One of my best friends died so I've spent most of the time with her family. She had her first heart attack about 15 years ago so she's lived on borrowed time for a long time. She was 63.

The weather has truly been spring--wonderfully warm and sunny. People have been cleaning off gardens and spraying fruit trees. It is cooler today and rain was predicted but the sun is out now and it doesn't look like rain at all.

I hope your cold is better by now. B took one Thursday and he can hardly breathe. It's the first one he's had in a mighty long time. I hope I don't get it.

Senator Fulbright was here for a talk Tuesday night so we went and then talked with him a bit afterwards. He gave a wonderful talk and was real pleasant to talk to. He commented that he was a past politician so he could speak out as he pleased so he talked about America feeding other nations and population control. He said aid should go only to those nations who made an honest effort to control their populations growth and I sure agree.

The Faculty Women had a tea for the retired faculty on Thursday. It was at the President's house and was a lovely, warm day so everyone went.

I enjoyed the article you sent in last week's letter about the quilt show at Drury. Mabel had told me they were having one but hadn't seen it.

I went thru all the Capper's Weekly papers I brought home and found several quilt patterns plus a lot of recipes that sound good. I've already tried one for sweet-sour pork and it was delicious and so easy to do.

The morning is almost gone and I haven't done much of anything so I'd better get busy. Take care of yourself and get rid of that cold as fast as you can."



NOTE: For more on Sen. Wm. Fulbright, use the link.


  1. Vintage Garden Plots, I love it! A great read as always Ann, thank you!

    1. Thanks, Pam! I'm encouraged to have your sweet comment since some of these current letters are about to bore me to tears:-) Not that I don't love the letters, but sometimes I wish for something really exciting to happen!

  2. An interesting garden plot plan Ann. I recognised most of the varieties but there were one or two I'm unfamiliar with. IE: "Yolo Pepper" and "Bibb Lettuce".

  3. Hello David! Yolo peppers are what I think of as traditional sweet green and red bell peppers and Bibb lettuce is a soft, pale green leaf lettuce also known as Boston or butter lettuce. That garden plot would be a lot of work to keep up! Thank you for reading, and for writing!


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