Sunday, April 10, 2016

February 28, 1975 The Legislative Hearing, The Bethesda Job, The Quilt Stuff, The Wonderful Sunshine and The Long Evenings

Dear Mother,
                           Thurs. Evening

"We are still at home but plan to go to Chicago in the morning and come back Saturday afternoon. B will get to part of the meetings at the Hilton. He had to be in Springfield this afternoon for a legislative hearing on some bill that affects our school so we simply could not go to Chicago as we planned. There was no one else that could go for him because there was so much going on to keep everyone busy. I was disappointed because Bob & I planned to spend today together and it will probably be a long, long time if we ever have that chance again. We'll all have dinner together tomorrow night so we do plan to see them.

Bob is beginning to get letters and books about his Bethesda job and knows now that he is to report there for work July 3. They will fly to Washington in April and look for a place to live. I think both of them are getting excited about it.

We enjoyed having them here last weekend but they went back early Sunday afternoon. It started sleeting & snowing and they were afraid to stay longer.

I'm glad Beulah & Nobel are back home. Ann said she tried & tried to call her but couldn't find anyone at home at Charlotte's. I don't know whether she ever reached her or not.

Thanks loads for the birthday money and card. I had two cards today. I'll probably use the money for my quilt stuff. I have several interesting quilt blocks made up and you can see them. I think I'm going to start a quilt before long but haven't decided on colors and such yet. A friend wants me to help her get started so I'll want to be making one too, when she does. She wants to applique one.

We have had two days of wonderful sunshine. People are talking about spring already and I heard today on TV that the weather map shows we'll have a warm spring. Don't we hope so.

Since we'd intended to be in Chicago this week I hadn't planned anything so haven't tried to sew or anything. I do have a suit cut out but it is going to be a hard pattern so I don't want to start on it until I have plenty of time. It looks a little like denim but it is polyester and will make a nice spring & summer outfit.

I'm not used to daylight savings time either. It always takes me several days to get adjusted and I'm still not ready to wake up in the morning. It is so dark. But it will be nice to have long evenings when the weather gets better.

We have had water in our basement too. It rained & rained on top of the snow and then water came in as it does when the ground gets full.

I hope your ice & snow are all gone by now. You are wise to stay in the house when it is bad although I know the days are long then. Spring will soon be here, though."




  1. I found lots to interest me in the "Vaseline" advert. I hadn't realised they made such a range of products but it was all the little plants and the Hanging Herb Garden that really caught my eye.

    1. Thanks, David. I'm having trouble finding something of interest in the letters of 1975:-) Glad the advert caught your eye!


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