Wednesday, April 13, 2016

March 29, 1975 The Big Day, The Spur-of-the-Moment, The Stinking Cold, The Sore Throats and Happy Easter

Dear Mother,

"Happy Easter--a little late. We haven't done a thing extra for Easter this year. I didn't even get out my Easter baskets or decorations. It has been wintry again with ice, snow and rain but is a bit warmer today so it is gone now. The sun is trying to shine but it isn't going to be a very nice Easter morning. I am deaconess tomorrow but I don't have anything new to wear. That doesn't bother me anymore but I wish it would be a nice day for all the little kids who think it's such a big day.

We had a spur-of-the-moment dinner party Monday night. The new Dean was here visiting so there were 7 of us. I didn't know until mid-morning so I did some buzzing around. It turned out real nice and we all enjoyed it. He is the one B interviewed in Alabama and we like him very much. He'll be on the job mid-June. They have two children, I think.

I went to a luncheon Tuesday for a friend who was 75. So many of my friends are in that age group and it doesn't seem possible.

That afternoon my nose started running and I took the stinking cold so I haven't been out since then. I have drunk gallons of water and stayed on the couch trying to get rid of it but still have it. It's a little better every day so maybe it will be completely gone before long.

It doesn't look as if I'll have your dress done by your birthday. I haven't even unfolded the material or got out a pattern but I'll get it done sometime.

The dental appointment was this week but I changed that. The dentist certainly wouldn't have wanted to be around my mouth. The new appointment is some time in May.

Our front yard is a mess. The ice and high winds broke off lots of limbs and I think I'll have a big box of kindling when we get the sticks picked up. That's going to be awhile though, if it stays cold like it is now.

We had a letter from Ann and they are fine. She goes into the hospital on Monday after Easter and rests that day. Tuesday they will do the lung examination. I'm anxious to know if everything is fine. She said the doctor would decide about her tonsils then. Her sore throats have been like mine used to be and I imagine her tonsils will have to come out.

Bob & Pat flew to Washington, D.C. yesterday afternoon. They could hardly wait to go. Bob will spend a half day in the lab where he will work and Pat will have an interview with the school superintendent. She has applied for a job. They don't have any vacancies but suggested the interview anyway. The important thing is to find a place to live and I sure hope they find something they really like.

I hope you are all over your cold and feeling fine. Happy Easter."



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