Thursday, April 14, 2016

April 4, 1975 The Unbelievably Slow Mail, The Crazy Weather, The Unusual Easter, The Tea Towels and The Homemade Bread

Dear Mother,

"Happy Birthday! I hope this gets to you on Monday and that the day will be perfect. Your package was mailed yesterday so I hope it will be on time too but sometimes the mail is unbelievably slow. I can't see why.

The sun is out but it's real cold. We've sure had crazy weather. The iris and tulips are trying to come up but with the snow, sleet & ice they are having a hard time. At least, the weather is better now and will be o.k. this weekend when Bob & Pat get home. I hope they call Sunday evening when they get there because we are anxious to see if they found a house or apartment.

Easter Sunday was an ugly day--so cold, but church was full. Most everyone had on winter clothes. We had a baptism service, too, but I was home by 12:30 after cleaning up communion. I had to bring towels and robes from the baptism, too. Most of the mothers took them home to do up, so I ended up with only two. The church has smock-like robes to use at baptism and it makes it easier for everyone.

I still didn't have much pep that day so slept all afternoon. B did school work so it was a rather unusual Easter day for us. Both of us are fine now and our colds are completely gone. I hope yours is, too.

The sunrise picture was very pretty. It would make a nice painting. I may save it for Bob to see, but he won't have any time to paint for a long time, I guess.

Don't rush those tea towels. Keep them to work on when you really want some handwork like I do my needlepoint. I get tired of doing the same thing and then go back to the needlepoint for a few days.

Did I tell you our minister has resigned? He didn't give any reason except he thought it was time for our church to have a different minister. I think he's been here 7 years and he probably wanted a change himself. He's a nice person and works hard.

 I made rolls this week and wish you had some. They are so good. I expected company for supper but the storm started so they called and said they wouldn't be here but B & I have sure enjoyed the homemade bread.

I'd better get dressed, but do have a happy day."




  1. So did they take your tonsils out?
    Your mom wrote this about the time we closed on our first house. It was just about 1000 sq ft and we agreed on $25,200 which gave a monthly mortgage of $216.88. How could we afford that?!

  2. No, never had my tonsils taken out!
    Those first house purchases are scary. But how nice to have that first home of your very own! I wonder who lives in that house now.


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