Friday, April 15, 2016

April 11, 1975 The Finished Quilts, The High Heels, The Washington Apartment, The Library Meeting and The Bare Refrigerator

Dear Mother,                                                     Friday

"I've been working on my quilt until my back got tired so I'll write to you. Mrs. Follick called me yesterday late that my quilts were finished but I probably won't go after them until next week. I like to go when I can stay a little while and visit. She's finished these awfully fast and one of her arms is bothering her so I think she spent too much time at it. She isn't going to do any more for awhile.

I'm glad the shoes fit. That was the only pair of bone shoes in your size so I had no choice. Now you can stop wearing those high heels for everyday.

I'd like to have a bouquet of your jonquils. There aren't any up enough to bloom here and none in the stores. We can usually buy a nice bunch for 29¢ in the grocery store but there was a cold spell in the south this spring and it ruined them. The tiny violet plants are finally coming up but it stays too cold for anything to grow.

Bob called Sunday evening and they were fine. They had a wonderful time in Washington and rented a first floor, 2 bedroom apartment that looks out over a park. He said it was big and roomy and they were pleased. Pat had an interview for a teaching job but won't know until July. The school system won't know how many old teachers are retuning until then.

Ann called this week, too. She had another series of tests in the hospital but they didn't go down into the lungs as they had planned. The x-rays looked so much better they changed their mind about it. She is anemic so is taking iron. She said she feels fine except is tired at the end of the day.

We had company for supper Monday night and I went to a church board meeting Wednesday night. Then we both went to a university library meeting last night so it has been a busy week.

Our church has set up a committee to look for a minister and they plan to take their time in selecting one. We already have an interim minister hired to fill in. He's from Iowa and I think he does this sort of thing all of the time.

It's getting close to supper time and I'd better get started on something. I haven't been to the grocery store this week so the refrigerator is getting a little bare. I want to defrost the freezer soon so have been taking things out of it.

Hope you birthday was happy and that you are fine."




  1. Interesting to see the Bell Company's telephone. It's quite like the 'phones I fitted in the 1980's but more angular, I think the thing they both had in common was their reliability. Ours were built to last, just as Bell's were. The modern 'phones are very much a product of the "Throwaway Age"!
    One other point, I'm left wondering, and you must tell me, what are Bone Shoes?

  2. You are so correct about the long-lasting phones of the past! We still have a desk model dial phone in excellent shape (weighs a ton) and I am tempted to use it since the others are so flimsy:-) As for the shoes, bone only refers to the color, beige. We don't hear that used much anymore, but a "bone purse and shoes" were very popular in the 1970s!


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