Saturday, April 16, 2016

April 20, 1975 The Dirtiest Windows, The Howling Wind, The Complaining Neighbor, The Vietnam Problem and The Wonderful Time

Dear Mother,

"Everything has grown like fury this week and the yard got green overnight after the temperature warmed up. Now it is cold again and snow flurries are predicted. We have had the craziest weather. I did manage to get the dirtiest windows washed and they look better.

Our potluck group met here last night and all of them had to come in the middle of a heavy rainstorm. There were tornado warnings and the wind howled but it soon was over and we had a good time. There is water in the basement today after the hard rain. The ground is too soggy to hold any more.

Thursday was such a beautiful, warm day I walked to a club meeting and wore a jacket dress which was almost too warm. My neighbor was complaining about the day being too hot. I told B some people were never satisfied with a nice day. There had to be something wrong with it.

I went after my quilts Tuesday morning and stayed a long time. I took the quilt I'm making and Mrs. Follick made some suggestions about quilting. Then she showed me how to put a quilt in frames with short side pieces. The quilts are real pretty and one of them was Bob's pink one. He can see it this next weekend for they are coming down. I'm setting my quilt together now but it takes a long time. I have to lay it out on the bed to get the stars pointed right & the pieced squares going right. It sure is bright but it will be pretty. I started quilting a pillow top for practice before starting the quilt and my fingers are real sore. I'll have to try putting tape on them.

We went to Chicago last Saturday just for the day. Bob was on duty so we didn't see them but it was our anniversary and we had a wonderful time. We went to see an art show we wanted to see and did a little shopping.

I doubt if Mrs. Follick quilts anymore for me. She is going to start making quilts for her grandson & his family. They had a fire about 6 months ago and lost everything. Mrs. Follick had just made them 6 new quilts and they had them about a month before the fire. The grandson's wife has been buying material for the new ones and Mrs. Follick showed me all the pretty material she had collected. She's going to have fun. All of my quilts are done except for that last wine one and I may do it myself so I really don't care.

The article is a good review of the Vietnam problem I clipped from the N.Y. Times. We can buy one once in awhile in Peoria.

I have to write to Ann so I'd better do that. We're going to a program at school this evening. Hope you are fine."




  1. I'm glad you saved that NY Times op-ed. Probably one of the best ever summaries of our involvement in Vietnam. Unfortunately, I don't know that we learned anything from that experience as shown in Afghanistan.

  2. I'm so glad that you read the article! It's been awhile since there were interesting clippings in the letters and I'm always thrilled to find one. This was was especially good, I thought. Thanks so very much!


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