Tuesday, March 22, 2016

October 5, 1974 The 12 of Us, The Beautiful Weather, The Falling Leaves and A Couple of Neckties

Dear Mother,

"For once, I'm a day ahead with my letter. We are having the potluck group here tonight and things are ready for them. They bring practically all the food so I don't have to do any cooking except coffee.

Ann and her group are probably on their way home from Milwaukee. We really enjoyed them last Sunday and they stayed most of the afternoon because they had tire trouble and it took a long time to get the tire fixed. So many places are closed on Sunday it is hard to get work done. There were three men in the crowd and my dinner sure disappeared in a hurry. I was so glad I'd fixed a lot of food. Bob & Pat were here too, and that made 12 of us. One of the boys suggested they stop on their way home & I told them they couldn't. He was joking of course and after they all left I wished I had told them I'd have some sandwiches & coffee if they wanted to stop. That wouldn't have been hard to do even if I am expecting 12 people tonight.

It didn't seem like Ann had even been here. We didn't get to visit at all and the other women talked constantly. It was a nice group of people.

Bob & Pat are fine. They brought home their summer clothes & took back their winter ones. They hadn't been here in so long a time and they stayed till after supper.

We're having beautiful weather but it is chilly. There is frost most every night and gardens are all ruined now. We have a huge tray of tomatoes in the refrigerator and will be sorry when they are all gone. Three friends have brought them to us when frost was predicted but these are the last we'll have.

The trees are turning and the leaves are falling fast. The house next door has finally been painted and will look real nice when they get the yard cleaned up. I wish they'd paint the one on the other side of us or just clean up the yard. I have a feeling the people who own it are just going to let the house go for they don't repair anything.

I've done a little sewing this week for myself and I made a couple of neckties. My dress is finally done and I plan to wear it to a reception at school on Sunday. It is the president's reception for our faculty and I'm going to pour. I wasn't supposed to but one of the women who promised to pour is sick and I'm substituting.

Tomorrow is Parents' Day on campus so there will be lots of people around. So far, B doesn't have to do anything and I hope he isn't asked today.

I've knitted Bob K. a cap this week but it really looks big. He said he'd like one when he saw Ann's so it is done now. If it stays cold I may have to send it to him.

You'd better watch your rest time so your back won't get bad again. The work will wait so let it.

We hope you are fine."



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