Monday, March 21, 2016

September 28, 1974 The Real Busy Week, The Visiting Aunts, The Dill Pickles, The Knitting Group and The Indian Summer Days

Dear Mother,

"This has been a real busy week and now we are waiting for Bob & Pat to come. He called one evening to ask if they could come. Their winter clothes are all here and it is about time they came for them. They don't have closet space in their apartment for all of their clothes so when the seasons change they bring some down here. I don't know how long they will stay but will probably go back Sunday afternoon late.

Ann and 7 other teachers from Woodhaven are stopping here on Sunday for dinner. They will be on their way to Milwaukee to a conference. They won't be able to stay long because they are driving all the way on Sunday.

I went to two luncheons this week. One of my friends had her aunts visiting her (3 of them) and one had her 88th birthday so we had a party. As You Like It Club had its first meeting of the year and that is always a luncheon.

I spent some time in the yard this week twice but I didn't make a dent in what needs to be done. We had a frost so the tomato plants were nipped and the tomatoes were dropping off.

I had only 3 little ripe ones all summer but the plant was loaded with green ones. I picked a pan full and made 6 pints of dill pickles like Beulah made.

I've been trying to finish a dress but finally gave up and put it away. Maybe I can finish it next week.

I was hostess for the knitting group of faculty women and had to have a dessert for that. That was Tuesday night so there has been something going on every day. We also went out to dinner last night with the Bone family. It was their 30th wedding anniversary.

We went to Lee Wards last Saturday and I looked for your thread but I don't think we'll ever match the color. They had 20 different shades of blue and not a single one even came close to matching your scrap. Why don't you use the blue for aprons and get the thread & material to match when you are ready to make up the blocks.

We have had some wonderful Indian Summer days this week but it is getting cold again. Rain is predicted but it hasn't started yet. Maybe it will hold off for the weekend.

I had a nice letter from Beulah this week. Her birthday is coming up fast. She sent me the clipping about Charlotte. It is really nice.

I hope you are fine. Are you still resting a lot? Maybe you had better just make that resting a daily habit."



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